Lovely Madness

I had been in love before. Unlike most girls these days, my love was real. He was everything I had ever wanted from a man. He cared for me, he could make me laugh and smile, he kissed me like each one would be our last, he never hurt me. Until the day that he did. But even then, I couldn't stop loving him. I think a part of me still loves him now. When you fall so deeply in love with someone, you can't just stop.

Then out of nowhere, he came back. After leaving me alone for so long he had come back. I didn't want to let him in. I didn't want to feel things about him anymore. The thought of him drove me to madness. Passionate, heartbreaking, beautiful, lovely madness.

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."


4. Noodle Sauce

We got back to my apartment around noon. Simone forced Harry and I to watch Beauty and the Beast and Mulan with her. Then she made us color some pages from one of her millions of coloring books. By then it was around four. So I took a shower and threw on some sweatpants and a tank top. 

"Noodle sauce now?" Simone asked as I made my way into the kitchen. 

"Yes ma'am. And guess what, Harry has some special sauce that he's gonna make us," I said picking her up. 

"You can make sauce?" She asked. I walked over next to Harry so Simone could talk to him. 

"That's the only way to eat it. Let me guess, Riley gets her sauce out of a big jar doesn't she?" He asked.

Simone nodded. 

"I'm from San Diego, not Europe," I defended myself. 

"You can help her with the noodles and I'll do this okay?" 

"Okay," she smiled at him. 

For the next twenty minutes Simone and I boiled the noodles, Harry made the sauce, and we all sang along to the Little Mermaid soundtrack that blasted through my speakers.

"Simone, will you get some plates for me, love?" Harry asked. 

"Can't reach em," she said defeated. "C'mere then."

He opened his arms and she ran into them. He scooped her up and raised her to the level of the cabinet. She opened it and grabbed three plates. He brought her back down to the ground and she handed the plates to him. He set them out on the island and I filled each plate with noodles and he added sauce to each one. 

"Noodle sauce! Noodle sauce!" Simone chanted.

I lifted her up into her seat and slid her plate in front of her. I handed her a fork and an opened bottle of fruit punch. 

"Juice!" She yelled.

"Hmm, you're already hyper. Maybe you don't need anymore sugar before Jenny's house," I said. 

"Jenny's mom will give me more," she shrugged. 

I laughed at her and walked over to the fridge. 

"Do you want a drink?" I asked Harry. 

"What do you have?" 

"I mean a real drink. I have some big kid juice," I glanced at him over my shoulder. 

"Oh. Yeah, sure."

He grabbed two wine glasses off of the counter and set them down. I filled each glass and started making my way over to Simone's side of the island.

"No! Sit by Harry!" She stuck her hand out forcing me to stop.

"Woah there, alright," I slowly backed away. 

I slid onto the stool next to Harry and watched as Simone slurped the noodles into her mouth. 

"How do you like the sauce?" He asked Simone.

"Yummy!" Her smile was so big and bright that I couldn't help but smile back. 

"And you?" Harry looked at me. I stared down at my empty plate. 

"Delicious as always," I gave him a small smile. 

Jenny's mom was on her way to pick Simone up when I realized I hadn't packed her a bag yet. I set my dishes in the sink and hurried back to her room. After throwing in clothes and shoes and her toothbrush, I couldn't find her good jacket. I went down the hallway and was about to ask her where it was when my heart stopped.

Harry had set her on the counter next to the sink and was wiping the spaghetti sauce off of her face. She was giggling and trying to reach up and feel the curls falling around Harry's face. He did nothing but smile back down at her. That smile was so damn real. So genuine and happy. The two had barely known each other for over ten hours and I could tell he cared about her. 

After he finished wiping her face, he lightly kissed the top of her head and I had to leave. I stood on the other side of the wall, covering my mouth. Shit. 

I went back to her room and found the first jacket I could just as the doorbell rang. I stuffed it in and struggled to zip the backpack. I left her room and walked down the hallway. In front of me I saw Harry standing in front of an open door with Simone in between his legs. 

"Hi Riley," Jenny's mom smiled at me. 

"Hi Monica. Thank you for doing this again. I'll be the host soon. I swear," I handed her the backpack. 

"Oh sweetie not in this little apartment you won't. Simone are you ready?" She smiled down at her. 

Simone nodded and stepped away from Harry. She outstretched her arms to me and I bent down. She gripped the sides of my face and gave me a small kiss.

"Have fun. Love you, babe," I smiled. 

"Love you too," she said. 

She looked at Harry and stuck her arms out. I held back a small gasp and looked at Harry's face trying to find a reaction. He squatted down and Simone grabbed his face in the same fashion. 

"Kiss?" She said. 

"Yes please," he whispered, a small smile sat on his face. 

Simone puckered up and gave him a small kiss.

"Bye Riley, bye Harry!" Then she ran out the door.

I waved to Monica before I shut the door. 

"Holy shit. I can't believe she gave you a kiss," I said almost to myself. 

"Me either," he replied. I stared at him a little while before I made my way back into the kitchen.

"So what now?" He asked. 

"Well I'm gonna wash this stuff." I turned on the faucet and leaned up against the sink.

"I'll do it if you want." His presence became very strong all of the sudden. I turned around and ran straight into him. 

"Why are you so close?" I scooted back. 

"Sorry," He said it but he didn't attempt to move away. 

I stepped away from the sink and let him start washing. I handed him a towel and more dishes. I sat down at the island with my glass of wine and watched his back as he washed. Through his plain black shirt I could see his shoulder muscles flex. Over the years he had acquired more tattoos, I studied them as he reached his arm out to let a dish dry. 

"I like your necklace," he randomly said.

He didn't look at me, just remembered what it looked like I guess. 

"Thanks. It was Nat's," I replied. 

I could see him nod as he put the last dish away to dry. The sink started to make the draining sound and Harry wiped his hands off. He turned around and rested back against the sink. He crossed his arms and stared at me again.

"Riley, when I was gone-." 

"No. Harry I don't want to know. Please," I muttered.

His lips connected as he quickly shut his mouth. 

"All I need to know is... Are you okay? Are you in trouble or something?" I questioned. 

His eyes fell to the ground in front of him. The calm and confident body language he had before shifted into something more... Different. 

"I don't know," Was all he said. 

I know he had left me without an explanation, but right now it didn't matter. I was in love with him and I felt like I always would be. He had never done anything else to make me hate him, so I couldn't. I didn't want him to get hurt or be in any trouble. And because of those dumb things, I couldn't control what happened next. I got off my stool and walked over to him. I grabbed his unfinished wine glass and grabbed his hand with my other. For a second I stood shocked at remembering how big and soft his hands were. He looked at me but I avoided contact.

"C'mon," I whispered. 

I tugged his hand and forced him to follow me. 

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