It has been 2 years since Maddy left for the wild and since she left Rhydian.
Since then Rhydian has tried to go to Maddy but it was no use. She had left. Shannon is still a geek but is going out with Tom. One night they go to Maddy's old house and Rhydian smells a scent. Rhydian has been a lone wolf with no other relationships after Maddy. Join Jana , Shan , Tom , Rhydian and Maddy on this adventure ...


2. Going to Maddy's

Rhydian's POV : 

This was a regular thing for me , Shan and Tom. Every month of the same date we would go to Maddy's to spend the night and do the house work . Like nothing happened . "Shan do you wanna go to Maddy's again?" I asked sitting down at the table eating the steak from the school canteen. "Sure. What time?" Shan replies still looking at her laptop. "Right after school maybe. I don't mind." I said looking around for Tom. At least the K's left the school to go somewhere stupid. "Yeah sure. I just have to finish this topic then we can go. Meet me and Tom in the darkroom ?" She asked looking up and into my eyes. "Sounds like a plan. Where is Tom?" As if on cue Tom approached behind Shannon and pecked her cheek. "What's going on?" He asked setting down his tray. "We are going to Maddy's again but before that we have to meet Shan in the darkroom . The usual." I replied cutting my steak. "Cool." Tom mumbled. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since it is the end of the day I went to the darkroom and went in. Shannon was already in setting up her computer into the schools system I waited for Tom outside. Tom eventually got here and Shannon was almost done. Shannon packed up and we were going to Maddy's then to Bernie's. As we were going to Maddy's I smelt something. Probably Jana again. "Rhydian ? What's wrong?" "I ... I don't know. Let's continue." I said walking away from the scent. We finally reached Maddy's house and the scent reappeared . My eyes turned yellow and I growled. I carefully followed the scent to the den. I stood there in shock of what I saw. 2 grown adult wolves and a young adult one. "Maddy? Emma? Daniel?" I asked. The younger one came up to me and semi-hugged me. "Rhydian where are you?" I heard Tom say. "Down here ! I have something to show you." I replied looking at Emma and Daniel.I looked away for a couple of minutes and saw Shannon and Tom looking shocked. I looked back and saw she turned back to her human form. She didn't change that much. Maddy came up to all three of us and hugged us. Soon enough we all became a crying mess. I kissed Maddy's forehead and she let go of Tom and Shan and wrapped her other hand around my torso. We pulled away and I wiped away Maddy's tears. I then hugged Emma and Dan. "How long will you be here for?" I asked Emma. "Hopefully,now, forever. But if Whitewood comes again then we will go back with Jana." She replies still hugging me. "When did you come?"  I asked Dan. "About 5 minutes ago. Why were you here?" He asked. "We come here monthly to clean the house and do homework then we go to Bernie's" I said smirking,not trying to sound like a creep. "Can I come mam?" Maddy asked "If one of them are willing to pay for you sure I have no problem." She replied looking at the den. "I can pay for her. Continue with that date we were going to go on." I said looking at Maddy. 

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