It has been 2 years since Maddy left for the wild and since she left Rhydian.
Since then Rhydian has tried to go to Maddy but it was no use. She had left. Shannon is still a geek but is going out with Tom. One night they go to Maddy's old house and Rhydian smells a scent. Rhydian has been a lone wolf with no other relationships after Maddy. Join Jana , Shan , Tom , Rhydian and Maddy on this adventure ...


1. About the book

I know you have read the blurb but this is what I think what will happen in the book so please no facts or whatever.

There is actually going to be a series 4 !!! (it is confirmed) 

If you haven't seen the TV series please do so before you read this because it will confuse you. This is taking place when Maddy left for the wild and 2 years has passed so yea. Let's get started ... 



I will update whenever I can or if I don't forget to update. This is my first wolfblood fan fiction so let's see if you like it or not.   Thank you my little fawns.   

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