Acorn Grease

If everything you owned was all located in one room, the room that work in, the room where you're watched 24/7, would you want to escape? To be free, to live a normal life? In a world where Apollo Arizona is trapped in a government body she doesn't own, she hopes for a change in her daily routine. And it will come sooner than she thinks.


1. Prologue

It was always the smell that hit you first when you walked in. Incense, sweat and an underlying scent of air freshener. Next was the sound. The beating tone of a song pulsated throughout the building, vibrating through the soles of your feat, encasing your heart in a tune that forces it to re-evaluate the way it thumps blood around your body. After all this, it would be the sudden realisation that maybe, just maybe, the Acorn Night Club was not such a good idea for a person like you. This place was new, cool, not you. It made even the most rebellious of people feel like they didn't deserve to be at Acorn.

If there was any place you would expect a nine year old girl to be, Acorn was far from it. Not that you would see her, of course-she would be hidden within the folds of the dimly lit coat room, biting on a striped straw and wishing she was anywhere but here. Growing up making her own choices meant that she also got to choose her own name as well, so the child had chosen Apollo Arizona, and because Apollo had also grown up with no parents meant that she also got to pick where she lived too. Apollo Arizona had snuck into the Acorn when a staff member had offered her food on the street and they had purposely left open the fire escape at the back of the club. What she couldn't have known was that Apollo had been watched her entire life and the staff member had been paid to let her in.

It was the start of something new. Something that Apollo had not foreseen. Something that would change her life forever.

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