Guardians of the Predator

'Even the greatest of hero's can't see an enemy until they look them in the eye'
Something lurks in the bushes.
Something hides behind the curtains.
It sleeps under the surface of the world.
It is cruel and slightly grey.
A predator.
But why dare say that even you have not seen this one coming?

When shadows begin to settle in places unknown, Morewyn SilverWing, A pure-blooded Copher, steps in between what she thinks is a shadow, and what is purely innocent. Her words fall upon open ears, and her actions are watched by something hiding in the clouds.
But her world is falling apart, and splitting hairs over a false enemy is not the way one would save the world.


2. Translation Chapter

TRANSLATIONS (Pestreno – English)
Mea! – No!

Ue Donnaras Nan shaj rit Seprens, - Ye names in word of snakes,
I tor Bo aed r'a idae.               - be it for good or worse.
Ien arka tahaeu ihra una,          - By blood they will swear,
Em ien arka tahaeu ihra loe.       - and by blood they will do.
Mahdar ta pe ihea Reno Dalands,  - Kill the one who curse Dalands,
Thaea foh ta feni,                  - break forth the spell, 
Em ben iheth nanas jue.           - and undo what has come.
See ir ta heil,                      - look to the sky,
Bo hoseth denath Eli.              - for my predators fly.

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