Guardians of the Predator

'Even the greatest of hero's can't see an enemy until they look them in the eye'
Something lurks in the bushes.
Something hides behind the curtains.
It sleeps under the surface of the world.
It is cruel and slightly grey.
A predator.
But why dare say that even you have not seen this one coming?

When shadows begin to settle in places unknown, Morewyn SilverWing, A pure-blooded Copher, steps in between what she thinks is a shadow, and what is purely innocent. Her words fall upon open ears, and her actions are watched by something hiding in the clouds.
But her world is falling apart, and splitting hairs over a false enemy is not the way one would save the world.


3. Chapter 1

Though it’s large and crowded,
You might just be surprised.

It was early when I woke up. I was startled slightly when my foot and ankle webs met cold water instead of the stone floor. Retracting my limb, I Look over the edge of the soft mattress and sigh. 
“Neata!” I called. 
From her room, my mother heard my shout. It was not long until her feathered figure opened my bedroom door. Her cerulean eyes shone with amusement, but the small twitch of her left eyebrow expressed some irritation. 
“Again? You know, one day I think that bed might just choose to fly you over a volcano! Anyway, Aed neahrmem” She greeted. I fared a reply and waited as she tread to the edge of the basin, for which my bed floated above. I stretched my arm out and, using it as an anchor, she pulled it towards the ground on the outside of the bath. 
She let a trill of laughter pass her pink lips when she saw the wet patch my foot had made. 
“Leave this to me. I will fix it up before you know it” She chortled, “and by the way, your friend was here this morning. Dropped off another letter and all!” 
Hearing this I quickly shuffled behind the dressing screen and stripped out of my night clothes. I pulled on a light blue blouse and a pair of black leggings. I buckled my waist belt over my hip brown hip cloak, and slipped on a pair of rope foot bracers. 
It took little time to tie my hair into pigtails, and I fished my long, feather tail out from under the belt so that it could sit more comfortably and visibly. 
I left my room with a brush in hand and I picked up the mail on my way up to the Nest. Three of my sisters occupied the space in front of the chess table and my father busying himself with his iron sword. My brother made sure to conceal himself with the plush pillows on the window seat, his nose buried in another history book. I barely would have noticed him if I hadn't seen the sun bounce off the darkness of the one streak of silver in his black mop of hair. 
It seems that none of the cousins or the others in this gigantic family were up. About a third of the SilverWing family had risen from their slumber. Even the pods were asleep it seems. 
I observed the scene before me. Little Donnecha, Cochiti, Chirica and Arelus, were my sisters names; Bunch of devils they were. But, like each of the SilverWings, they were pure Cophers. 
Donnecha, the youngest flower in the house, was but reaching her 7th year. As a youngling, she was naturally careless and cheeky, but full of sweetness. She was difficult to place as a Copher, but she was undoubtebly part of the Atrix race. Her looks were proof enough of that, but even still, none had seen an albino Atrix before. With her pale skin and red markings, she stuck out among her kind, but was none the less more treasured than any other. 
She sat comfortably behind Cochiti, braiding the lower half of her bark brown, scruffy locks. It was difficult to see most of that sister’s face, but then again, she didn't have eyes. Born with the condition, she was a shock to all; she made up for it in her talent to see peoples coming days. I often found myself wondering what it was like to be unable to see. An Atrix's eye sight was no different to the common folks, and most times was worse than a bloody blue bats! We might as well be just as blind as she was, though I have to say I would rather see a little than see none at all. I don't know how she can stand it. 
Arelus sat on the opposite side of the table from the pair, sifting through the towering pile of letters. Technically, it was not her job to do so. She just naturally took it upon herself to juggle and sort out everyone’s letters into individual piles and, after a while the family got used to it. 
I knew she always put my letters on the arm of the couch. In fact everyone memorized where she put each of our letters. It was a system she created and everyone was happy to abide by. 
So like all normal Sunday mornings, I picked up my letter pile and went to sit with Chirica. As an early Bloomer, Chirica was the eldest of us five sisters. She, I had to confess, was the jewel of the family and, I rather idolized her. Though she was only older than me by two years, she was everything I wish I could one day live up to be like. She groomed herself well and her tail, unlike most of the family’s, was actually not a complete nuisance to her. It was a rare feature among the Atrix race and was so far only found to be generative in two families. The SilverWings and the RedSuns. Usually they were a pesky and irremovable feature that played no role in the body whatsoever. It was a useless thing that most Atrix were thankful not to have. But, when you looked at Chirica? It seemed like it gave a statement. Something like, ‘Beauty is not always where the face is!’ 
Sitting in the chair next to my sister, I flicked through my letters; six in total. One from the neighbors, one from the BlueShoes, an assignment from the deputy, another assignment, and last of all two letters from the CinderFells. The CinderFells, otherwise known as the idiots below us, were a family of eleven half breeds. By half breeds, I mean that they were a mix of Cophers and Keolups. Keolups were the second descendants from the A'trix, and Cophers of course, were the first. Though the only real difference between the two sister races were their preferences of habitat and their choices for meals at breakfast time, there was a lot more history behind the conference of these two. 
The only two descendants of the Atrix line, despised each other. It was pretty much part of the law to avoid all contact with anyone of the other race. Having a family with the other race? Well you would be setting yourself up for a death penalty, if they ever gave out any of those anymore. 
It was not hard to hate the BlueShoe family. The SilverWing family however, found it rather hard to ignore them. They lived in the nest below us. That’s our name for houses; nests. We didn’t know what occupied them and generally, the SilverWing family did not want to know. 
Other than the noise that constantly came from the level below, as neighbors they were rather friendly and found it impossible to not invite us to all of their family bonfires. 
I knew most of their members, in fact I was surprisingly friends with those lot. Juno, was the spoiled brat who followed my every step. He sent me letters, wildflowers, cliff feathers, really anything I showed any interest in one day, I was surely bound to receive it in the mail the next. It was both sweet and really making me want to clip him in the nose. 
Juno had two sisters, who were really good friends of mine. They were twins, Connora and Leguna. These two were both mysterious and freakishly cryptic. They loved anything and everything to do with psychics and palm readings, feather-seeing, and anything that was slightly purple. Though I had to say, while they were obsessed with my sister’s future sight, those two had a knack for getting me into trouble. Now I repeat, it was none of my fault that they got me into scaring the flowers, or the elders. None of my fault whatsoever. Might as well write ‘guilty’ on their foreheads! Everyone knew it was them.

But further on, the head of the family was a lovely man named Hidatsa. We just called him Hiday, but he was the only Keolup so far that I actually knew and respected. The rest of his family was either Copher or half-breed. As the only Keolup in the Cliff region, he was hated by not only all of the pure Copher families, but by the nobles as well. 
Everyone knew that family. Most hated them. I could bet that the only family in this region that showed any sort of acceptance to the half-breed family was the SilverWings. But really, it wasn’t a matter of acceptance really, we just didn’t care who they were along with everyone else. The SilverWing family looked after themselves. It was part of our motto. 
We were. We are. We will be. 
May not seem like it but it was part of our motto. If you were happy, then you did something about it. If you’re happy now, then you are doing something about it. If you want to be happy, do something about it. It basically meant, if you want something, then do something about it.
The SilverWing family is happy, and they are happy by living by their own rules and no one else’s. We didn’t rely on the rumors of others, experience said more than words could. 
If only everybody else thought the same. 
But, I guess we can’t have everything. Just like Juno couldn’t give me everything I wanted. 
“Another love letter from Juno?” Chirica inquired. I huffed. 
“More like two.” 
My sister chortled. She always found it funny, my love life. That’s what she called it anyway. Just my luck. 
She passed me a knife, and I cut open the first letter. 


My dear Morewyn,

I know that this must be sudden, but I am going away. I won’t be back for a few days and I know that you have always thought me spoiled. 
It is true that I am spoiled, and I know I must come off as overbearing and obnoxious. I realize that now. I am so sorry if I have annoyed you at all, but you must know I did not intend to be so. 
It is true that I am infatuated with you. You’re brilliant and beautiful. You have always had a view on life that I wish I could support and believe in. 
I must be going now, but I will say this.
I love you.
Farewell my dear friend.


Signed Juno BlueShoes

“Strange…” I muttered. I was flattered and confused. He made it sound like he was going to be gone for more than a few days. Did something happen to him?
I looked up with a blank feeling in my head. Noticing my expression, Chirica plucked the letter out of my hand and skimmed over the words. 
“Sanan hosae! I knew that he was infatuated with you, but in love with you? That is a surprise.” It was not a rude comment. She just genuinely thought that it was a crush that he had, and I once did too. Not anymore. 
She handed the parchment back. I read the first part two more times and still, I didn’t pick out anything else. There were no hidden clues as to what he meant by his leaving. 
“I wonder where he went.” I looked to my sister, wondering if she had heard anything. She shrugged her shoulders, just as confused as I was. 
“You’ll just have to ask the twins won’t you?” 
“Uaes” I agreed. 
Indeed I will dear sister. Indeed I will…


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