Life after marriage.

So life after marriage is a sequel to how I met 6 amazing people. It's about Daisy is now married to Calum and then their problems begin but they also have a 4 year old daughter follow their life adventures they have and find out.
Main ppl
Michael clifford
Lola(Michaels girlfriend)
Luke hemmings
Alex(Luke's girlfriend)
Ashton irwin
Calum hood
Daisy hood(Calum's wife)
Joy Ann hood(Calum and Daisy daughter


5. New chapter

Daisy pov

"There you go night Girls love you phew thanks Zac that was really sweet of you to help me to get their drunk asses in(lol)

"Oh it was nothing just glad I could help"

"But I'm sorry that instead of partying and drinking and having a great time you had to stick around with me and watch over them cause I had promised that wouldn't drink and watch out for them and......"

"I said it's no problem and I enjoyed your company so umm bye I guess" he said while opening the front door and was about to walk out

OMG!!! I'm gonna regret doing this

"Zac wait"


I hugged him

"Woah ok what happen......"

"Thanks Zac for listening to my boring stories to entertain you at the club and for helping me I had a great time thanks"'

"No it was fun with you ok and no problem whenever you need me just call me or text me" he said while breaking the hug.

"Ok well we still up for lunch tomorrow.... Umm I mean like basically umm to....."

"Woah why so nervous and yep we up for lunch today see ya babe" he said while walking out and winking

"Hey I'm marri...." But before I could finish he sped his car and he was gone.

Uggghhh for some reason I liked it. No Daisy your married

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