Life after marriage.

So life after marriage is a sequel to how I met 6 amazing people. It's about Daisy is now married to Calum and then their problems begin but they also have a 4 year old daughter follow their life adventures they have and find out.
Main ppl
Michael clifford
Lola(Michaels girlfriend)
Luke hemmings
Alex(Luke's girlfriend)
Ashton irwin
Calum hood
Daisy hood(Calum's wife)
Joy Ann hood(Calum and Daisy daughter


6. Chapter 6

  Calum pov 

  "Auncle Mikey take give me a piggy back"  joy said

  "No sweety let Auncle Mikey sleep come to daddy" I said

"But daddy I want a piggy back" she whined

"Joy y- but I was cut off by Ashton

"Yummy Pancakes for a pretty princess" he said

"Auncle Ashton" she said and ran into his arms . He picked her up and sat her down on his lap and was feeding her. I felt jealous I know that I've been there for her and she thinks I'm her dad but technically Ashton is the dad and it hurts to know that Ashton had his first child with my wife and not me.

Daisy's pov

I was getting ready for lunch with Zac when I heard "OW my head hurts" "uhhhhhh I have a hangover"!!!

I ran up and checked on the girls

"Good mornings girls " I said

"Why are u all dressed up" they asked me

"Cause I'm going for lunch with Zac"

"Who's Zac" Alex asked

"The guy that helped get your drunken asses home and Ashton's friend"

"Wait so your going on a date with Ashton's friend ? Your married daisy"

"Omg no no I'm just going for lunch I mean he did help us "

"True" Alex said

"Man my head hurts why'd you let us drink so much" lola said and Alex nodded

I looked at them shocked and nodded my head in disbelieve "what me ?!! I was telling y'all to stop but you guys were drinking it as if it was water !!" I said

"Gezzz only kidding" Lola said and Alex laughed we heard a honk

"Now go and enjoy your lunch" Alex said

Skip to the lunch

"Wait so It is Ashton's child" Zac said

"Yes that's right" I said I was telling Zac about my life and family cause he wanted to know a little.

"And your with his band mate right" he asked

"Yes I'm Married to him" I said

"Wow sorry to say but that's kinda messed up" he said while laughing

"It's ok" I said while smiling

Once we finished with Lunch Zac said he wanted to get some ice cream so we were getting up to leave and exited the restaurant the paparazzi came taking pics of me and Zac , Zac was starting too loose me so he caught my hand and started walking to the car.

"Daisy good who is this"???

"Is this your new boyfriend"

"Is it official that you are cheating on your husband calum hood"

By then we were in the car and I was shocked and lost in my thoughts when Zac decided to speak.

"Are you okay"???

"Yeah I'm fine" I said

"Are you sure I mean I can drop y-" I cut him off "Zac I'm fine now come on I'm craving some ice cream" I said while smiling

"Haha okay"!!

Zac's pov

She was looking so cute while sitting and eating her ice cream. Gosh she's beautiful!! I know I shouldn't but I can't stop myself from falling for her !!! I know she's married and it's wrong but it feels so right !!!

She cut me out of my thoughts and "what do I have something" she said while trying to wipe away her ice cream from her chin but it was still there. I nodded she tried again but didn't reach the spot

"Here" I said while doing it I looked at her and she just looked at me , I started to lean in and was about to kiss her when she put her hands against my chest and pushed me a bit back.

"I'm sorry Zac your a nice guy and all but in married and your my friend" she said

Ouch !!! It hurts to be friend zoned !!

"Sorry" I said kinda hurt and was about to get up when she tugged at my hand and got up and was surprised when she hugged me which I gladly returned back.

"Look Zac I'm sorry but somewhere out there , there is a girl lucky girl waiting for you , maybe not now but you will find her soon I promise" she said while looking at me now.


I drove her back to her friends house and the girls Thanked me for helping them come home when they were drunk and then I headed home.

I guess today was not such a bad day after all.

Daisy's pov

I reached home to the girls and while we were talking I got a call it was from Calum I answered it and heard

"NOOOOO I WANT MOMMY" and crying and screaming

"Calum" I said

"Babe please get home she won't eat lunch or do anything" I sighed I guess my daughter wants me !! Fun time is over now back to my family.

I hung up and went up and started packing.


"Bye guys" I said saying bye to everyone. Alex and Lola didn't want me to go but they know that joy needs me.

"Mommy I missed you" she said while running towards me and I picked her up

"I missed you too baby" I said while kissing her forehead.

"Okay let's get you into bed" he said while smiling and taking joy to her room

Calums pov

I walked back to our room after putting joy to bed , I saw daisy fast asleep on the bed wow she looked tired. I turned the lights off and got on the bed ,kissed daisys forehead and out my arms around her and she snuggled into my chest. I smiled and fell asleep.

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter !! Sorry if this story is bad I know I suck !! Anyways have a great day lovelies

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