Life after marriage.

So life after marriage is a sequel to how I met 6 amazing people. It's about Daisy is now married to Calum and then their problems begin but they also have a 4 year old daughter follow their life adventures they have and find out.
Main ppl
Michael clifford
Lola(Michaels girlfriend)
Luke hemmings
Alex(Luke's girlfriend)
Ashton irwin
Calum hood
Daisy hood(Calum's wife)
Joy Ann hood(Calum and Daisy daughter


4. chapter 4!!!!


Daisy pov

"Ok I got my clothes and all the nessecary stuff I need ok ok....... Ok babe" I said calling Calum

" Yeah darling" he said entering the room with joy in his arms. She was fast asleep.

"You know the pattern right get up at 7 an....."

"Babe calm down" he said

"Calum it's just that I've never been away before from joy" I said looking to the floor"

"I know and there no need to be ashamed and don't worry I'll look after her I promise"

He said while lifting my chin up

"You know I love you right"

"Yes I do and I love you too" he said while kissing me

Calum's pov

Daisy just now left I hope she reaches safely and the guys are on their way and joy is gonna get up anytime soon from her nap and dinner is almost ready. Great!!! It's not so hard.

*Ding dong*

Oh the guys are here.

I opened the door and saw the guy with their stuff except for Michael.

They entered and we took a seat.

"So Mikey where's your stuff bro" I asked

"Oh it's in the c-"

"It's in the car cause princess Michelle needs all her hair accessories and stuff" Luke said while referring to Michael. At that point I literally cracked up

"Princess Michelle" Ashton said while laughing

"Hey" Michael said a bit loud

"Do you mind joy is asleep and when she gets up there might not be that much of-" but I was cut off by the sound of joy crying and calling out to me.

"Peace" Mikey said finishing the sentence for me

"Hey don't talk like that about my daughter" Ashton said

"Ummm your daughter" I said while looking at him

"Yeah mine" he said while standing up

"Uhhhh guys I'm gonna go and get Joy Luke they're all yours" Mikey said while going to get joy

"Ashton and Calum not here joy is coming down and no violence in front of children remember Daisy's rules" he said

"Yeah right" I said while waking into the kitchen

"WHAtever" I heard Ashton say

Oh god please try not to make me kill Ashton in these past few days.

Daisy pov

"And then he lifted-"

"Lalalala too much detail" I said.

"Yeah whatever" Alex said while laughing

"So Alex has Luke proposed yet??" Lola asked

"Ummm no and If he had too you guys would have been the first one to know"

"Awwwww how cute" I said while making everybody laugh

"Hey let's go to that new club downtown" Lola said suggesting we do something

"That's a great idea" Alex said

"Yeah I said but I don't have my clothes and makeup" I said

"Ohhh Alex are you thinking what I'm thinking"

"You can borrow clothes from me and were giving you a makeover" she said while running upstairs and grabbing stuff.

Alex wore a red short leather skirt with a black blouse that was revealing her belly. She wore high red heels.

And she looked hot.

Next was Lola she wore a short blue dress like short with black high heels.

She looked smoking

Wow these girls looked good.

Last but not the least was me. The girls had forced me to wear a short color full skirt that was so short I was abit uncomfortable.

With that they made me wear a black tube instead of a bra and put a cream and black shirt which they tucked into the skirt. I didn't know what to say after they gave me the makeover and did my hair. They straightened my hair. Alex gave herself wavy hair. And Lola curled her hair. We were ready to parteyyy!!!!

*at the club*

This place is huge and has so many people. Sometimes I hate crowded places. It didn't even take one minute for Alex and Lola to disappear and in here at the bar trying to reach Calum on his cell. While I was doing that I was interrupted by 2 young guys that looked around my age and I was 26.

"What's a hot girl like you doing all alone" said guy number one while guy number 2 just stared at me. I kinda recognized him though he looked really familiar.

"Daisy" said guy number 2 them I instantly knew who it was.

"Zac" I said happily. I knew Zac was Ashton's friend and he was really sweet and kind cause after that day when I went to pick Ashton he got my number from his phone ad texted me.

"You know her bro" guy number one said.

"Yeah and leave her alone Sam"Zac said

"Fine whatever" Sam said while walking away

"Ohhhhh thanks Zac you're a life saver how can I ever pay you back" I said

"Ummmm lets see you could have lunch with me"

"Hmmmm Zac you do know I'm married and I have a daughter"

"Yeah but it's just 2 friends having lunch"

"Ok lunch it Is then" I said while smiling at him

Hello everybody so I hope you enjoyed this chapter don't forget to comment and snapchat me my username is cimilovesu


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