Life after marriage.

So life after marriage is a sequel to how I met 6 amazing people. It's about Daisy is now married to Calum and then their problems begin but they also have a 4 year old daughter follow their life adventures they have and find out.
Main ppl
Michael clifford
Lola(Michaels girlfriend)
Luke hemmings
Alex(Luke's girlfriend)
Ashton irwin
Calum hood
Daisy hood(Calum's wife)
Joy Ann hood(Calum and Daisy daughter


3. chapter 3 πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

Calum pov

I heard the door shut and the bed sink next to me.

Why would Daisy go out at late night.

Is she cheating on me??

No it can't be well I'll ask her in the morning.

Daisy pov

I woke up to joy jumping on the bed and Calum complaining.

"Joy Ann Hood I swear if you don't stop jumping there will be no cookies in your future" Calum said with a serious voice

"Daisy babe get up she's your daughter too" Calum said whining.

"Hmmm" I said

"But daddy you and mommy promised to take me to the park on Saturday and today is Saturday" she said wow my daughter is smart I thought.

"Oh that's my daughter" Calum said

"Oh so she's you're daughter when she's smart but when she's wants something she's mine" I said while trying to prove a point.

"Yup" he said while popping the p word

"Mommy Daddy get up" she said pouting.

"Ok I'm up I'm up" I said putting my hand up in defense

"Daddy" she said

"Yeah I'm up baby girl" he said getting up and taking her In her room.

Awww cute I wonder how I got this lucky!

Calum pov

"Mommy Daddy" Joy called out again from downstairs she's been calling us from the past ten minutes.

"Yes Joy " Daisy answered

"Let's go" she said

"Yes honey were coming of you want you can have a cookie if you finished your pancakes" Daisy said

"YES!!! Thank chu mommy" Joy said

Now it was my turn to speak.

"So ummm babe where did you go last night" I asked

Her face expression changed from happy to sad

"Oh you umm know for some fresh air" she said

"At 3in the morning Daisy really don't lie please tell me" I said

"Ok fine I went to pick up Ashton from a club cause he was too drunk" she sighed and said

"WHAT????? You went to see h....."

"No Calum I didn't go to see him I got a call to come and pick him up cause he was too drunk and he was crying" she said

"Calum babe are you mad at me"she said now wrapping her arms around my neck.

" No babe it's just that when things like that happen please tell me I'll sort it out I don't want you near Ashton even though we made up please babe promise me you'll tell me" I said

"I promise" she said

"Hey babe why don't you hangout with the girls one whole night like a sleepover for the weekend and I'll have the guys over and watch Joy and before you say anything yes I'm inviting Ashton" I said

"Aww babe thanks I love you" she said while pecking my lips.

Our moment was shortly ruined by our baby girl screaming

"MOMMY DADD......"

But was cutt of by Daisy saying "were coming" then she dragged me down stairs with her then we all made our way to the car and drove to the park.while Daisy was texting the girls about their plan.

Alex pov

I got a text from Daisy saying that we girls need to meet and have some fiend time cause since she had Joy she couldn't really go out to clubs or shopping with us or party. But I totally get it but we need some time with her too. So the plan is she and Lola will sleepover at mines and Luke's place for the weekend while the guys are at Calum's and Daisy's house. Fun from Friday to Sunday we 3 together haha this is going to be awesome.

Lola pov

Yes!! Finally I just received a text from the girls saying were going to be spending the weekend together and this time I mean with Daisy. Were having a girls night after so long .wow this is gonna be fun

So this is a short chapter comment and tell me if u like it or nahhh plZZ

and add me on snapchat cimilovesu love u guys have a great day or night

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