Life after marriage.

So life after marriage is a sequel to how I met 6 amazing people. It's about Daisy is now married to Calum and then their problems begin but they also have a 4 year old daughter follow their life adventures they have and find out.
Main ppl
Michael clifford
Lola(Michaels girlfriend)
Luke hemmings
Alex(Luke's girlfriend)
Ashton irwin
Calum hood
Daisy hood(Calum's wife)
Joy Ann hood(Calum and Daisy daughter


2. chapter 2 πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

Daisy pov

There he stood at my doorstep with the others with his messy golden brown hair and his black shirt with white lines and his black skinny jeans.

The father of my child. Well this is going to be awkward and the worst part is Ashton doesn't know that Joy calls Calum her dad and that she doesn't know that Ashton is her dad. When she asked us who he was in a photo I said to call him Auncle Ashton but Ashton and Joy have never met.

Oh lord

"Welcome guys come in" Calum said.

We went into the sitting room and Joy was hiding her face whole time in the crook of my neck. Calum had gone into the kitchen to get us some drinks.

"Aww joy aren't you gonna give Auncle Luke and Aunty Alex a hug said Luke in a baby tone.

She quickly ran and gave them both hugs.

"Joy what about giving daddy a hug too" Ashton said with that my jaw dropped and all the others too. I knew this day would come. You see the others also knew that I hadn't told joy about her real dad who is Ashton.

"No your not my daddy Auncle Ashton" she said innocently

Calum came out with the drinks and set them in the table and joy quickly ran to Calum and He took her in his arms

"This is my daddy"

With that I looked at Ashton and by the look on his face I could read





"Sweetie why don't you come with me and aunt Lola" Alex said with that she gave me the look that said you guys should talk it out.

Ashton pov

What the fuck just happened my own daughter is telling me that Calum is her dad. Didn't Daisy tell her that I was her father. My blood was boiling. I was really pissed. After Alex and Lola let with Daisy to go upstairs I was the first one to speak.

"What the fuck you didn't tell my own daughter that I'm her father???" I said

"Ashton calm down" Michael said

"No Michael stay out of this this time cause this is serious" I said and with that he just walked away.

"What's wrong"Calum said while coming out of the kitchen.

"Oh nothing Calum just curious to know why my daughter is calling you daddy instead of me" I said anger in my voice

"Ashton I can......"

"Daisy I know I screwed up and got you pregnant and then ignored you but I wasn't expecting this from you" I walked out of the house and got in my car and went to a club.

Luke's pov

I don't know what just happened but Ashton is gone.

"Michael I'm really sorry I don't know...." Daisy said

"Daisy it's ok he's just upset I understand"Michael said

"Ok everybody let's eat" Calum said.

Skip to after dinner

Alex pov

Lola Daisy and myslef were in the kitchen talking about what happened earlier with Ashton.

"Anyway guys forget that anyway Alex and Lola how's your relationship status" Daisy asked

"All good just waiting for the marriage now" Lola said

"Yeah you and Michael are engaged what's it like"I asked since me and Luke were still boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Well it's magical" she said

" ok so I'll wait for the magic to happen to me then" we all laughed.

Skip to everybody ready for bed.

Daisy pov

"Ok guys it's getting late were gonna make a move" Lola said while standing up and pulling Michael up too.

"Yeah we also" Luke said while standing up with Alex.

"Well it was great having you guys and sorry again Michael anyways joy is fast asleep as you guys can see" and we all looked at the couch and she was fast asleep we all chuckled.

"Anyway goodnight guys see ya" Michael and Lola said and they left

"Goodnight guys see you guys around" Luke and Alex said and they left.

10 mins later

"Babe ready for bed" Calum said while going under the covers

"Hmmm I said while looking into the mirror.

"Babe what's wrong" he said while wrapping his arms around me

"Nothing it's just that Ashton was such a jerk to Michael and took his anger out on him".

"Oh well babe that's Ashton and he was just angry to Know about the whole father thing now forget it babe"

"Oh ok I understand babe now let's go to bed it's 12am" I said

At 3am

Ring ring ring ring

Daisy pov

I woke up to my phone ringing.


"Hello yes is this Daisy Hood"

"Umm yes this is may I know who this is"

"Oh I am Zac calling from Ashton's mobile.

" Zac who??"

"I'm Ashton's friend"

"Oh ok well what do you need at 3 in the morning.

"I was calling to say if you could pick Ashton from

(Clubs name)"

"Umm why"

"Well he's really drunk and he's talking about his daughter which I doubt he has and he's having a break down and you're the first contact on his phone" he said

"Ok I'll be there in 10"

"Ok bye see ya"

"Hmm bye" I said and hung up

10 mins later

I reached the club and it was crowded I was calling out for Ashton when a tall blonde boy came in view and gave me a smile when he saw me.

"Are you Daisy" he asked

"Yes where's Ashton"

"Right this way" he said while leading me to a table where there were couple that were making out and girls dancing.

"Ashton come on were going" I said as soon as I saw him and pulled him up from his spot where he was sitting next to whore or stripper I guess.

"Daisy you came"

"Ashton let's go"

"Why would you not tell her about...."

"Ashton this is not the place to talk about it let's get out then we can talk" I said. He nodded

We got in the car and that's when Ashton started his bullshit

"So now how's my niece joy doing" he said with anger in his voice.

"Oh my Ashton it's funny how you pretend to wanna be her father cause when you came to know I was pregnant you really didn't want to talk to me funny cause it was you that got me pregnant.

Now all of a sudden when Calum stands up to be the father and our lives are perfect you come and ruin it".

"Daisy I was just shocked ok and what do you mean ruin it I have to be part of my daughters life" he said

"Oh so after 4 freakin years you realize you have to be part of her life" I said

"You know what Ashton" I said with tears in my eyes

"Here's your house get out"

"But Daisy....."

"No buts get out"

With that he opened the door and slammed it hard and walked away.

I was just thinking why does all this happens to me.

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