I am sorry for all your eyes who are reading this. I get very emotional and angry. sorry <3 btw this is a bunch of rants and if you want me to rant about something comment below.


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Okay so don't you feel like crap when someone just comments about how you stay inside all the time or on your electronics all the time. I mean seriously, thanks I know. Then they say you need to get out more. I MEAN YOU MIGHT AS WELL CALL ME OVERWEIGHT TOO WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. Also its like none of your business.

I have like a really bad pet peeve. When someone fishes for compliments. OHMYHOLYSMOKESASDFGHJKL. I cant even.

This happened yesterday in graphics class.

Fisher: Omg yours is so good!! I love the way you used that blah blah.

Me: omg squeee, thank you so freaking much. Yours is amazing too!

Fisher: eh, my is okay. I mean It just doesn't look right. (*hers is actually perfect*)

Me: Are you kidding me?!? Yours is so cool! (*not even lying*)

Fisher: well i don't like this and this blah blah

Me: *looks at her with a half smile*) no! It is really awesome!

Fisher: no, i mean idk. It sucks in this and blah blah.

Me: (*less enthusiastic*) psh no way!

Fisher: yes way see there, theres a mistake, and there too.

Me: nooo (*stares at her blankly*)

Fisher:yesss look at yours then mine!


(Whoops that was my mind up there I didn't really say that ^^^)

(I said this instead)

Me: I have to go... To the bathroom... Yeah... Bye.


Exampe of yesterday is over

I mean those people are annoying. And I know they just want attention to make themselves feel better but if you wanna feel better please just plant a tree or help an old lady instead of annoying me in graphics class

Seriosuly, just go plant a tree please :/

sorry for wasting your time <3


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