I am sorry for all your eyes who are reading this. I get very emotional and angry. sorry <3 btw this is a bunch of rants and if you want me to rant about something comment below.


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    before I do any ranting I just wanna say a few things

 one please don't discriminate my opinions cause that's just what they are, opinions

two my grammar is going to be horrible in this because I will be too busy ranting.

three my mom always says don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I am totally going to break the rule. #sorrynotsorrymom

btw any rants suggestions down below in comments

anyways here's the rant:


so I read this book and I loved the ship. I was expecting them to be together. so I was like I love this book so much la de da. then the author made her fall in love with somebody else. NOOOOO. I was so devastated. the dude confessed his love to her and she was like I cant be with you I slept him and I am his girlfriend. guess what the dude that I shipped was best friends with the dude she was dating and that probably is confusing but whatevs. so they all play soccer and the peeps that I shipped both lovvvvvee the sport so much. the boyfriend of the girl thinks of it whatever. so the dude that I shipped gets injured and cant play again. I was so mad. So he gets all depressed. so then the boyfriend starts being a jerk but idk what happens next because I got so angry so hopefully the two people  that I ship get back together. now I am mad at the girl because she pretty much broke up a really good friendship and then he is changing her mind all the time and I am starting to hate her. ugh I cant even read the book without getting mad. ugh. I feel depressed now.


isn't ranting supposed to make you feel better by letting it all out?


sorry for wasting your time.

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