He was my best friend.


7. Reconnecting

I realised, avoiding Dask had upset him, more than he was letting on. I felt terrible about it. I'd thought I was the only one upset and he was too caught up with Clara to notice me missing from his life.

Seeing him now, I could tell he'd missed me as much as I'd missed him. He was probably even confused why I'd avoided him.

I hope he doesn't think I like Mike and the guys better than him. No one else could ever take his place.

I remember a few times him near me at school. I'd pretended I didn't see him and engrossed myself in conversation with whoever else was around me.

I remember he tried to ring me a few times too, but I was either genuinely out with Mike, or I told mom I didn't feel like speaking to anyone.

My mom must have known something was up, but she hadn't questioned me about it.

I just didn't think he cared that much and would catch up with Clara instead. I was a second choice when she wasn't around. I didn't feel like being his friend when it suited him.

I know it seems immature now, but I was angry with him when I first started avoiding him. I admit I felt rejected too.

After a few times of my ignoring him, Dask had stopped approaching me and calling me altogether.

I'd been upset, but tried not to think about it. I filled my life with whatever else I could, at the time.

I don't know what to make of my behavior, these past few months.  I do feel awful about it though. He deserves better.

In my defence, I really did think he and Clara were still together. I think I needed space to get my head around how angry I was feeling about the situation. I couldn't believe he was letting her come between us.

It had sucked being the third wheel. I'd hated hearing Dask go on about Clara and it had really annoyed me how close they'd been getting.

He didn't seem to care. I felt like I was the only one concerned about our friendship, because he was too caught up in her. It was like he didn't need me anymore. I'd felt like I was losing him and I'd hated how insecure that made me feel. It sucked caring about someone more than they seemed to care for you.

I'd felt lost.

But now, all I know is, my best friend broke up with his first serious girlfriend, someone he really liked a lot, and I wasn't there for him. He might even want to get back together with her. That would explain why he still hangs out with her a lot.

Dask was probably giving me space and waiting until I approached him. He always did forgive me too easily. He places so much trust in me. I never wanted to let him down, but I did.

Now, here he is at my party, with an awesome present, still wanting to be friends.

It felt great having Dask back in my life and going along with my ideas, even when he thinks them to be strange.

I'd recently come across a foot massage video on YouTube. It looked interesting and I wanted to try it out on someone.

Dask was the perfect person to try it on. For one, he doesn't really question me on things much and will just go along with it. The second thing is, he won't laugh at me if it sucks or blabber on to anyone else about it. Well, not too much, he would laugh at me here in the privacy of my bedroom. Third, I wanted to do something nice for him.

I also wanted him to feel relaxed and okay about us, before Mike and the guys came over. He deserved a better best friend. I was going to make this the most awesome foot massage ever.

I checked the clock. Two hours until everyone else came over.

"Now, put your head on the pillow and lay down," I said, indicating towards the pillow.

I watched him as he climbed onto the bed and laid his head on the pillow. He gently placed his feet on my lap and I grabbed them firmly.

"Alright now, Master Dask. This is indeed your lucky day, Sir. I shall henceforth bestow upon you thy magic skills of thine fingers," I said, wiggling my ten fingers in the air at him.

Dask laughed.

I smiled and purposely glided my fingertips along the sensitive underside of one of his feet, knowing it would tickle him.

"Jo!" Dask called out, squirming his feet away from me.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"It tickles."

I couldn't help my grin. "Okay. I'll stop," I promised, chuckling. "Now, seriously. I learned something off YouTube. I beckoned him to give me his feet again.

Trustingly, he placed his feet back in my hands.

"Hold on. This is going to be awesome," I said.

Dask smiled at me.

I concentrated on massaging Dask's feet, using the moves I'd seen on the video.

He enjoyed it and relaxed into my touch. I enjoyed it too.

I'd missed touching him. It may seem weird, but it felt like another way of making sure we were okay again.

Dask was like warmth and sunshine. I wanted to squeeze and hug him so tight. I wanted him to know I'd never willingly hurt him like that again.

"You're good at this," Dask said quietly.

"Yeah," I agreed, half surprised at myself.

I looked up at him and noticed he was drifting off to sleep. "Dont fall asleep!"

"It's so relaxing," he said sleepily.

"Yes, but it's my birthday party in..." I looked at the alarm clock near my bed, "...in an hour and a half," I finished.

"Hmm. This is nice," he commented, opening his eyes. "Is there a reason you suddenly wanted to massage my feet?"

"I've been wanting to try it out on someone since I saw it on YouTube."

"Should I ask why you were searching for massages on the net? Is this a new interest?" He grinned.

He was on to me! I'd been searching up some rather inappropriate adult  content on the web. He knew what I'd been looking for and he started laughing. "Not going to deny it, then?" He inquired. He'd lifted his head from the pillow and was leaning up on his elbows, looking at me.

"You didn't ask anything." I smirked.

He smiled and dropped back down onto the bed, his head on the pillow again.

What can I say? I'd been rather hard up since Dask hadn't been around. We use to get some of that stuff out of our systems together. I didn't want to pressure Kelly into anything.

The thing with Dask and I was, we both wanted to experiment and get rid of our sexual frustration together. We knew neither one of us would get hurt or tell anyone else, because we trusted each other.

I'd obviously missed Dask in more ways than one. I became more aware of my body and his proximity. I noticed the heat of his skin in my hands and the way he was stretched out on his back in front of me with his feet in my lap.

I continued kneading the soft pink flesh on the soles of his feet. Then I circled the slight ankle bumps on each foot, gently tugged on each toe, rolling them between my fingers, and rubbed the skin on the tops of his feet.

I crept my hand up underneath the bottom of Dask's jeans, feeling him shiver a little. I inched my hand up his leg a little more, feeling his smooth skin and gently teased the soft, thin, light coloured hairs. I slowly moved my hand up further.

"Jo," Dask whispered.

"Hmm," I murmured, lifting my eyes up to catch him, watching me. His eyes shied away from mine, before they flitted back to me. "You want me to stop I whispered," my voice husky.

He shook his head, no.

We maintained eye contact while I continued to thread my fingers up his leg, behind his knee. I slightly shifted his legs apart. He gulped. I took one of my hands out from inside his jeans and ran it up on top of the jean material, towards his inner thigh. I left the other hand inside, stroking the soft, warm skin behind his knee.

I climbed on top of him, straddling the tops of his legs and watched his face while I unbuttoned the top of his jeans. His eyes fluttered closed and his face flushed pink. He gently caught his bottom lip between his teeth, and it had begun to redden.

I tugged on his jeans zipper, and eased it slowly down. He swallowed again, and I smirked.

I rested my fingertips on both his hips for a moment and gently rubbed the soft skin there. His eyes opened and our eyes heatedly connected.

Dask was taking short, shallow breaths. His breathing had quickened, his chest rising and falling much faster.

I carefully pulled his jeans down, over the tops of his thighs, exposing his white jocks. Dask gasped. I grinned and stroked my fingers across the firm, skin of his stomach, teasing the skin near the top of his jocks.

He slightly bucked his hips up towards my hand. I chuckled quietly and paused the stroking motion of my fingers. "What?" I asked lowly.

His eyes pleaded with me to do something.

I smiled, and lowered my head towards his stomach, then lightly grazed my lips across one of his hip bones. Dask moaned quietly.


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