In and Out, Back and Over

Eva-Lynn is a young girl, who has just moved to England because of her grandma, who has currently just died. Everything seems perfect: the move, her new friends, and her new school. But when mysterious letters start arriving at her door by owls to a new school, she is puzzled. Leaving her to only run away, she discovers her friend, Jake, also has received a letter. With the two mischievous 11-year-olds both get to go Hogwarts, they have no idea what is going to happen in the future.


1. Prolouge- Prophecies

     They say, that after the famous Harry Potter has defeated the Great Lord, less children have been given prophecies, but more likely teachers and adults. But, they didn't say that that kids COUDLNT get prophecies. They never said it couldn't happen. Everything can happen- they say nothing is impossible.

Meet little Eva-Lynn Nightlook. She's really smart, with her hazel eyes and her curly, messy, brown hair, and her black glasses, probably the smartest 5-year-old you could know. She knew all her colors. She knew her shapes and numbers: she could even multiply 1x2. When her parents, Kathleen and Jonathan, discovered that, they weren't surprised. They were both Pure-Bloods- The best kind of blood they say. But they didn't care, they were just happy for their daughter.. So they went to enroll her into school. On their way there, something horrible happened. Right when they got onto the street of the school, a flashing green light took her parent's lives. Little Eva-Lynn was scared to death, so she ran to the nearest house and sat outside to cry. The girl from the house opened her door. The air went dark, and she spoke with a deep voice:

"The one with the glasses

Must face whats right:

Even if it means

Giving up Night

All must come to a end

when either shall win:
If they're friends or foe

One of them shall sin."


     For years now, Eva-Lynn has wondered the mysteries of life. When a family adopted her, containing a son their age named Jake, she was delighted to have a new friend her age. But that doesn't matter now: She was going to meet a lot of them.


*A message from the author*
Hey Guys! Welcome to the first chapter of In and Out, Back and Over. This is NOT my first movella. I have had two other accounts, which I had to shut down for personal reasons. I have decided to come back, with a new movella. This is hopefully going to be better!
on the publishing side, I will try to get a chapter in tomorrow. If you have any grammar issues or any mistakes or improvements I can add, just comment. Thank You!
~Kitty, Writer of Harry Potter.



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