the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


26. Zayns bae😻💏

zayn pov

"Hey zayn come here I need to talk to you"i walked to Michael he was in the kitchen.I went in there but it wasn't Michael it was Calum."Hey mate!","I know you like lily and so do I,I just want at least a day with her and get to know her like she was mine only for a day then i will break up with her and you can have her she will go to you but we need a fan to kiss him like their together in front of her she is fragile!",I smirked but then frowned!"Cal this is wrong plus I can always get someone else.",He shook his head and said,"She loves you, but ok!"I was shocked she loved me.I nodded and said,"Fine!"So then Calum called in Lilys ex-friend who loved Michael to come for their plan.Then I told Lily if she would like to go on a date as friend since I havent seen her in a while.Michael said,"Go ahead but I will break you if you kiss her ok !"I smiled and said,"k".

lily pov

He asked me out in front of my boyfriend.Then he told me to go get dressed for an italian dinner.So i went upstairs i wore a beautiful dress it was a black strapless dress with a pink bottom and black steletos.My nails where painted to match my dress.Then I walked down stairs.I looked like I was going to a party.Michael came up and grabbed me by the waist and kissed me."Have fun baby and tell me if something happens."Ok so I went to the car Zayn opened the door.I hopped in and waved goodbye to the others as Zayn started the car.We drove off."Baby do you like me more than a friend when I looked out the car window Michael was there and a short girl who looked prettier than me.She was starring in his eyes he then just nodded I felt tears fill my eyes so I grabbed Zayn as we walked in me just crying into his shirt.Then we got to our table.I mumbled,"I should have known it was to good to be true they used me for more fans!I guess no one likes me never has and never will they all just use me my friends and family."Zayn looked at me,"Baby I love you and youll be my number 1 when you said you were with Michael my heart broke ask the boys I wasnt myself."I leaned in and gave him a hug I looked up and Zain gave me a genatle peck on the lips he excused himself and went to the restroom.When I looked up when i saw someone sit across from me."Hey lily!"it was calum,"Hey cal!","I love you and Zayn he isnt coming back till you spend 1 date with me.You never went on a date with me!"I smiled if i dosent work out i will go out with you ok."he smiled and walked out then 1 minute later Zayn came and said,"Hey Bae!"

------—————skip dinner

We went back to my place I smiled and said,"Will you stay baby?"he smiled and walked me in.Michael was on the couch making out with a girl.I ran upstairs with Zayn angrily walking behind me."Lily its not what you think baby I love you i dont even bow her name."he was outside my room and banging on my door,i kissed zayn.I walked out the door and to the kitchen I locked the door to my room behind me so the boys wouldnt kill each other.Michael walked after me.I was only wearing a huge sweater of Zain's .He smiled as I trued grabbing the cookies on the top of tge refridgerator.Then i got them and turned slapped him and said,"Go to your girlfriend and stare at her butt I HATE YOU!"I jogged upstairs I got to the last step and the girl Michael made out with was my ex-friend pushed me off the landing I fell off the stairs.Then everything whent black.

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