the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


11. vegas

When we arrived at the vegas airport i was amzed it looked nothing like the ones in japan!It was full of fans for so many celebirties wow!Michael walked and out of nowhere took a selfie were he kissed my cheeck!The fans screamed at the band saying nooo please dont date it was avtually kind of funny!When we got to the end of the fans and out the door their was a silver limo that was really shiny!We got in and their was a beautiful girl in their that looked like Lucy she said,"Hey girls remeber me Lucy!"We looked at her and said,"Yes and you look different like a good different though!"I smiled as i said that and she blushed back and thanked us!Then Michael grabbed my hand and said,"are you up for another concert?"i looked at him and said,"This is my dream of actually dating a member of a band so of course i am!"Michael smiled and kissed me!When we stopped we were at a huge school like building and it was beautiful we went in and sat in our dressing room and i got ready by my self so did the girls but then i walked out for a second to make a call to my sister!Then i felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Michael,"Do you know how to sing if only from descendants?"I shook my head and said,"yes","do you get stage fright?"i shook my head and said,"no"then he said,"great we are going to sing it on stage i saw it on your playlist your password was super easy bae!"I stood up and said,"i love you!"and we kissed!my first actual concert here i come!!

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