the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


7. their aparment

When we stopped at a little apparment styled house we walked in and Micheal said?li hope you dont mind stayin at ou place for a while!"I smiled and shrugged "i dont mind at all".We walked into a dirty apparment and my friends said,"they took us to your place lily!?"The boys looked at me confused and so i said,"my place is a total mess!"So Ash showed us to our room which was nice and clean so we sat down and asked if we could go to the store.Micheal said,"oh ok we will leave but let me get ready!?" we sat for 5 min and Michael came out complety hot and sexy and we were speechless we left in a black car.We got there,we were at walmart we bought 5 sets of cloths and hair supplies and of course starbucks.Micheal was walking a cart full of pure girl stuff we got posters and then left we bought it the total was 40$ so we each handed 15$ each and left we got home the boys were suprised and Michael was worn out we made our room perfect in 30 min and when they came in.Thy were suprised.

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