the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


3. the van talk

In the van there were 4 rows and 4 to a seat.So lindsey and ibeth sat in the second seat.So i sat next to them then micheal sat right next to me.Calum soon said what are your names,"lily,lindsey,ibeth"we all said! Michael looked at me and smiled and i blushed!Michael quickly said,"Are you guys the girls they bully online because your not so much of a fan?"We all look down in sarow!Calum put his head between us and said,"we thought you were kind of cute!","thanks we have never heard that from anyone before"!Michael quickly interupted the silence and said,"lets sing wait can yall sing?",and being me i said,"obvi"so we sang took selfies and talked the rest of the way there!

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