the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


29. the truth

I got dress Michael finished signing me out I smiled as I walked out then I started to run to a park I love this oak tree I go their to say secrets or write.The boys followed we all got in the tree.I smiled and said"I cant join the band but I can be a solo artist and i get the same concerts and practice/recording time!"I smile and everyone smiled and said"Yaaaa!!"We then climbed down and went home we decided we wanted to go to this artist party it was a masquera.So I wanted to wear a Beautiful Green and black puffy dress and a black mask when I walked down stairs I felt all eyes on me.Michael wore a matching tux.I smiled he walked to me he had dyed his hair to green with bits of black.I smiled and he opened the door as I walked out I looked back,"Wow lily you look georgous i mean you look perfect!"I blush and say,"Thanks"We went and all the girls had colorful puffy dresses as the boys wore tuxs."Care to dance beauty?!"it was my secret crush Shawn mendes!I blushed and nodded I kissed Michael good bye and we headed to the dance floor we dance a slow song when it was over I walked back to Michael and he was talking to Ariana grande I smile,"Hey Ariana!""Hey babe I heard about you and Michael you look beautiful!"I blush "thanks"She waves and says bye"Bye"me and Michael chuckle back.Then he grabbed my waist and headed to the dance floor we danced till midnight then I got tired so we all left no one pluckily didnt get drunk.

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