the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


10. the trip

Micheal said you guys packed and ready we said,"yes!"and got in the van to go to the airport.When we showed up Michael grabbed my hand and we walked in and a huge crowd they took selfies some people insulted me and my besties but we just smiled and walked on and then when we got toward the end a little girl aroung 5 asked me to take a picture with her and i said,"of course hun"we took a photo and i walked on and smiled and got on the plane with the band it was a private plane and it was so cool and all of a sudden my hand was met by a cold hand it was calum's he asked me,"will you do the honors of sitting with me?"I looked suspicously at him and said,"sure!"He said thanks your the best!"We sat next to each other then when everyone sat downs we took off and then 30 min later i heard ya'll can walk around now so i stood up to streech!Then i felt someone put there hands through my hair and Micheal was there!Michael what are you doing he said,"i want you to vome with me"So i followed him to a beautiful room!Since we were coming from japan it was nicley japanese styled.Micheal took my hand pulled me and kissed me!I acepted it and then i let go and said,"what did you want to show me?"he then walked over to were a phone was charging and showed me a picture and it was the one i posted on twitter of micheal!"wow michael you finally showed her your stalker side!"Then i looked behind and Ash was there with cal!Hey at least knows its mine!"Calum laughed and said,"hey just joking lily come we are playing a game of stripe poker!","never will i play that game cal i dont feel comfortable doing that ok!"Cal just laughed and said,"fine but we will arrive in 5min ok!"It had been an 2 hours of sitting talking and palying wow!

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