the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


6. the first concert part 2

I was amazed by the kiss and i smiled and walked back to my friends.Calum said,"and i think im in love with this girl,lindsey come here!"she walked to him and he hugged her and Luke called Ibeth up and did the same as cal.Then Michael said thanks girls and said you can go back know so we went back to our dressing room and just talked about my kiss with Michael and then i said,"stop i dont luke talking about this lets listen to the rest of the concert and go on with our lives you know im not much of a love girl!We then heard the boys walking down the hall my friends put on some lipstick and i looked at my phone playing games!Then the door opened and Michael came to me and looked down at my phone and said,"are you palying dragon ball x!"I smiled and looked up and said,"only the best game in the world uhh yes!"we smiled kissed then stood up!Ashton looked lonely and he said,"well its time to go i guess?"so we left and went back on the bus!When we stopped at a little apparment styled house we walked in and Micheal said?li hope you dont mind stayin at ou place for a while!"I smiled and shrugged "i dont mind at all".

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