the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


5. the first concert part 1

Someone knocked and Lucy shouted come in as she was looking at us like we weren't quite done with the make over?Micheal looked at me and said,"woahh i said dressed not a full make-over wow!"I blushed and then the others came in and starred!Michael shrugged and pulled me out of my chair and said,"Well time to introduce you guys to the world i guess?"Lindsey and Ibeth walked out everyone but me and Michael were out of the dressing room and he still had our hands together!I pulled and he said,"Hey look you look perfect and ever since i saw you at the gas station i wanted to hold you tight and never let you go!"I blushed and kissed him on the cheek!He let go and i jogged to my friends and he walked out of the dressing room enchanced by the moment!When he catched up they went on stage and inroduced them selves we were supposed to go on last but Michael said,"You know what when we were on our wayto this concert we met some girls who needed some help and they were coming here and they quickly became our friends come out here girls!"we akwardly walked out on to the stage and Micheal walked to me grabbed my hand and walked to the mic.He said,"and this girl her name is lily she is the girl who i adore most dearly!"and i blushed and said,"thanks Michael"and he kissed me and my eyes widdened untill he let go!

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