the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


14. the dressing room

When i got off the stage i ran to the fotoon in my room my friends were their just in case i didnt make it their!The reason is because i have a late reaction to everything! I fell on the fotoon and went into a deep sleep.When i pass out i can't hear everything still!I ebded up sleeping through the whole concert!My friends had went to go get me something to drink and eat!The boy's walked in the room saying,"Lily your voice is beautiful we might let you join the band!"I heard that and i wanted to say,"Thanks guys!".When no one responed they thought that we went for something to eat.They started walking toward the foodcourt when they turned the corner and,"owww,ewww!"Ashton and Lindsey bumped into each other and spilled the nachos and chesse all over Lindsey's hair and clothes!Ashton looked at her and started to say sorry but Calum pushed Ashton and ran to Lindsey ate a chip off her and helped her up!She looked at him and said,"thanks cal and ash it's tots cool!"Michael took a picture and laughed at her and ate a chip!Then he said,"Hey where is Lily?"Lindsey looked at him and said,"She is uhh sleeping for a while!"Michael looked confused and said,"Where?"and she pointed toward the dressing room.Michael and Luke ran over toward me!Lindsey followed.Calum,Ashton,and Ibeth went for another thing of nachos.In the dressing room Michael looked at me sleeping and said,"I wonder when she will wake up?"Lindsey said,"in about 1 hour."and then Michael said,"well lets get home and get you cleaned up and shit!"Michael slowley picked me up and took me to the van and layed me in the back seat.My head on his lap.Lindsey sat in front of us then the 3 boy's sat in the 2nd row.

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