the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


2. the band

Was Micheal Clifford the gutairest in 5sos next to him was ash the drummer and luke the lead singer also calum the bassist!!!They looked hot!Lindsey said out of the silence"sorry for saying rape when you waved i was only joking"As she said that calum and micheal looked at each other and laughed!Then luke said "There laughing because they thought you would be like the other fans and scream and ask for a autograph and picture but instead you said rape and drove off!"Then ash added they thought you weren't fans wait are you?"and me and lindsey should them our cases!Then luke said told you with the cutest face ever.Micheal then said"can u put your emergency lights on?!"Then we laughed and my smart mouth said" Dont you think if we could they would be on!?"Then we all laughed and Calum said,"jump in the van",we did as told but before we could get in Micheal shouted wait i call dibs on sitting by her "as he pointed at me i looked at him like are you serious and he nodded!

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