the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


30. smart

Today was my first real concert I would be in as a real artist.The boys were introducing me to the world tonight in Florida my home town!Yess!"Babe get dress for the concert dress casual but sexy!"So i put on ripped black skinny jeans on and a 5sos t-shirt on and walked downstairs."Hey guys when do we leave?""10 min!"I smiled and put my black pumps on.When I turned Michael was starring."Supporting us or yourself?"I smiled and said,"I dont know maybe I'll support both."he smiled and pecked my pink lips.


Thr boys walk on stage

"Hey Orlando,Florida!"

"what is up we are here on tour"

"we are here to promote are girl lily and are new song She's kinda hot,fly away,and jet black heart!"

"Now for us to introduce us to the beautiful lily"clifford"" Luke laughs at his joke as Michael comes and playfully pushs him.

I walk on stage I changed my outfit before the concert to my favirot dress it was a mini black dress with a green ribbon belt with rhinestones by the ribbon.My black pumps had green ribbon on the heels.I walked up and Michael put his hand around my waist."Suppp guys!"The crowd screamed.

"Lily is going to sing her new song......"

when i finished singing Michael pecked my lips and I went to the dressing room.

WOW i have to get use to crowds like that!All of a sudden a cold hand was on my shoulder.I looked up in front of me was Lindsey and a man."Hello your name must be Lily i would assume well your bus is leaving the boys are in the back room of the bus."Lindsey looked scared.She hadn't said anythin we walked to the bus the man pushing fans away.We got on but then the door shut and locked I sat down and the bus started."Lily your being kidnapped"-Michael it was a text fron monster Michael.I frowned and took a big rock on the ground it was as big as a bowl.It said Michigan on it.So I threw it at the window me and Lindsey climbe out the window we were stuck in traffic so it was safe i guess.We ran to the nearst store.It was a big store it was Aeropostal wow I love it.I called Michael."Baby are you all right the police are looking for you!If anything happened to you i dont know what I would do?"I smile and say,"Im at areopostal we got away perfectly fine!"Then the man comes in the store.I run to the counter,"Can u hide us Im famous and a fan is after me!?"she smiles and nods we all run to the back."Ill be back when he leaves ok!"I nod as I bring my phone back to my ear."Mickey?""It's Luke we are on our way!"I smile"he is in the store we are in the back hidin from him!""Calum here yeah your on speaker and we see his broken window what did you do girl?"I tell him the story and he says,"Wow anyways were here the police umm are arresting the man.?"Then I come out the back and the man looks at me."I'm your biggest fan baby girl!!"I looked at him in disgust and say,"I really dont have a biggest fan because we all are the same when it comes to fangirling and boy fans!"he starts to cry.He is kind of hot.He has tan skin his late

20's and his hair is blonde like a dirty blonde he was hot."Baby are you ok are you hurt did you get rape?"I shake my head and say"Im perfectly fine.Then I reamber how we met.


.We stoped at the gas station and a really cool looking van pulled in right as we pulled out. Then someone in the van waved at us.Lindsey saw and said "Rape!!".We laughed and drove off fast windows down and music blastin.The when our car stopped mystriasly they pulled up and helped us.


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