the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


24. singing fail🎤

When the boys left i asked rick,"Can i sing a whole song please!"praticley with puppy dog eyes he asked,"which song?"I smiled and said?,"P!nk dont let me get me!"he shrugged and i started

"I never win first place,

dont support team,Cant change

directions,and my socks never clean

teachers dated me my parents

hated me i was always in a fight

cause i cant do nothing right,

everyday i fight a war against the mirror cant

take the person starring back at me

im a hazard to myself dont

let me get me im my own worst enmey


i finished 2 minutes later to look ip at the boys walking in "Lily your amaze balls!","I would hug you but your sweaty!"I then started out the door the boys followed.I was stooped by Zayn "you did pretty good by yourself."i blushed and hugged him."Thanks Zayn maybe we can hang later for now i have to go?"i smile and he waves

zayn pov

Lily has been my friend ever since she heard me sing outside of a concert on accident.I fell for her quickly she is like my total girlfriend but not nomore,

lily pov

hey guys sorry for not updatting in a while it is really ha

rd with school and stuff ill keep you updatt

ed this might have a second book if so what should i name it

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