the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


17. run away

When we got in Calum grabbed me and pulled me close and Kissed me i pulled away but he was to strong so i bite his tounge and ran to Michaels room and the girl's were in their crying they said,"Luke and Calum broke up with me!"So i responded we are running come on we heard foot steps as we heard Michael screaming at Calum and Luke yelling to stop so that must have been Ash.He opened the door and him and Bryanna were their and we blurted tell them we said,"Byeeee!"Then Ash said,"why?"Then we said we are running home i guess?"Bryanna answered for ash,"we will but where do you live?"In florida Edward will drive us their all I have to do is give him a kiss he is so weird."So we climbed ou the window and they whispered to us,"Byee!"they looked back and said,"Runn!"we ran and ran to Edward's house.When we got their the Car was running and we knocked and Edward came out and we got in the car and we drove off.Then Michael called me,"Lily why did you run i didn't do anything?"i sighed and said

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