the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


16. romance striked hard

Unfortunaly Edward had to go home so we were stuck here at the park just the band and us.I smiled and said,"Let's meet here at say 11 ok?"We all nodded and went are seperaye ways then I all of a sudden said,"give me a piggy back ride please Michael!"Michael bent down and i just started shouting,"Go PIGGY GO RUN!"Michael ran and we laughed and stumbled around a big track then i told Michael to put me down and took his hand and pulled him toward this remote trail to a big open beach area and i said,"care to take a walk?"He looked amazed at me and said,"you know me so well bae and he kissed me and we ended up talking a long stroll.Then my phone started ringing and ruined the moment it was Calum,"Hello?"Where are you we have been waiting here for 30 minutes and you have the keys and we have been texting you non stop"I checked and it was 11:32we ran back to the van and they didn't look happy at all.When we got closer Ibeth was soaking wet. Lindsey was covered in mud and Bryanna was crying and ready to run off but Ashton had her in his hands hugging her.I asked,"What happened Lindsey said,"I tripped over a stick and fell in mud!""I felt something brush against my leg and fell in the water!""I told bryanna that she was acting weird i guess?"so i shrugged and said,"was no one's night as good as me and Michael's?"They shook their head so we go in the van and Michael bragged the whole way about today to the other's.Then we pulled up to the aparment and it was like a a whole bunch of animals have just seen food for day's they ran to the door and just ran inside shutting the door behind then and i said,"you tired?"Michael shook his head and i said,"good"i took his hand and layed in the grass and looked up and the star's gluttered and Michael pulled me close and Grabbed my lip and we started to to kiss forcifley and then i pulled away got up and said,"We should get some rest for tommrow!"He frowned and said,"I guess so and we walked in and..,

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