the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


31. Remeber

"Lily!Lily!"I snapped back to reality."Lily why didn't you answer me!?""Sorry I was rembering when WE meet!?"I blushed as i said that.

Michaels pov


She dosen't know how much that meant to me.She is my other half.She knows me so much.She is like a sibling I never had.What if she was?"Lily I want you to meet my mom!"my mom heard so much about her she worried when we found out she was kiddnaped."Baby come with me."she got up hugging me."Is that Lily?"I nodded at my mom."She is perfect for you she is so beautiful!"lily blushs as I peck her lips and hold her waist."Mom do you want to go as a third wheel on our date so you can get to know her?"

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