the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


35. propose

**5 years later**

It was me and Michaels 5 year anniversy.I got Michael a giant pizza and a pokemon dvd set.I also got us matchin necklaces one with a pizza that said"shes mine"then mine was a pizza that said"hes mine".

Michaels pov

It was me and Lilys 5 year anniversry.I was going to propose to her.I got a beautiful diamond ring and a big stuffed bear.When you squeezes it,it said "Will you marry me?"I have the whole thing planned out.We will go on a stroll on the beach in sydney then we will stumble across the bear.Then the magic will happen.

lily pov

I gave michael his present before the concert he was performing he loved it.I went home and got ready because Michael wanted me to take a walk with him to the beach.I put my bathing suit on and then shorts and crop top on.I put my hair down and to the side.Then I had my flip flops on.I didn't put make-up on because its night.Then I walk downstairs.I go outside and sit in the grass and stare at the sky.Then someone sits next to me.I look over its Michael."Ready baby?"I nod and we get up.We start walking to the beach.Then "Lily look at that its a bear!"I look and their is a big bear.I love teddy bears.I ran to it.Michael right behind me.He had something in his hand.I bent down and grabbed it.Michael got down.I squeezed the bear"Will you narry me?"I look at Michael he has a small black box with a ring in it."Will you?"He says.My eyes start welling up with tears."Yes!I will Michael!"He gets up and puts the ring in the bear he takes his shirt off.I take my shorts and shirt off.He grabs me and he runs in the water and next thing you know we are playing in the water.We have to go.So we go back up and I get my clothes on.Then Michael puts my ring on.We walk home hand in hand.So clise together.We get home and the boys look at Michael he nods and I hold my hand up.The bous run to Michael."You did good man!""Am I invited to the wedding?"."Stop yes your invited!Please get away from me.I sometimes get calastrophobic.They back away.I smile."I'll be back down in a few!"I say az I run upstairs.I grab my ipad and facetime Lindsey."Lindsey!""Hey Lily""Is Ibeth there?""yeah""Get her!""Ibeth!"next thing you know Ibeth is right bext to Lindsey."Well you know how me and Michael are dating?"they look at each otger and a smile appers on their face."He proposed!"I almost scream."They scream and then they're like "We know the boys couldn't keep their mouths close and tweeted about it!"I laugh."I'm sending you tickets to our next concert!But tell ittzy and cynthia too!"they grabbed their phone"Done!"I smiled got to go bye""Byeeeee"I end the call.Then I put it up but I fell asleep in my bed before I could even tell the boys.

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