the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


23. paper work📖

we got in the van and i shut my eyes.I fell asleep.Then i felt my arm being repeatdly hitting the chair.I woke up and calum was waking me up.I smiled."Hey you look amazing!"I frowned,"for real i didnt know!"i said sarcasticly and he laughed we got out and Michael was at the desk signing us in then i heard a loud call."Lilllllyyyyyy!"i turned around to see my bestfriend in the world his name is Zayn Malik he is 1 direction.When i looked at him he ran toward me and picked me up and said,"I have missed you so much i didn't know where you and EL went so I had to wait for you to come back and wait why are you here!?"I smiled and Michael turned,"Hey mate!"Zayn looked up,"oh hey Mickey...Cal!?","Im signing a record deal hopefully to join the band so i can 1.sing, with the bae!","please oh please tell me your not datting ash he has a girlfriend!?"i looked at him disgusted in what he said,"eww,never im datting my monster here with the beautiful reverse skunk due!" ,"Michael ok good!"i smiled as he said bye and waved.Then we sat down on a couch their were people who were new and people who are already celebs.I smiled at them and then?"Lily,come we got to go!"I followed Michael to a recording studio and the other 3 boys were in their and so was this rick guy we got in and rick told me to go in their.I did as told."put the headphones on and sing a verse of a song."I picked dont let me get me.So i sang

"I never win first place,

Dont support the team,

I cant change directions,

and my socks are never clean!"

He looked at me and the boys were talking they came in and said,"share Mickeys solos so we can see if your in or not."we started singing voodoo doll and i nailed it.When we went out Rick said,"sign here and here and then boom your in baby!"i chuckled and signed.My life will be so much better.

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