the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


22. papadums🍔🍟

When we got down stairs.Ashton was on the counter fearful because mouse was runnin after him.I walked over and grabbed mouse and jogged up the stairs and put him in my room i backed away from the door closing it softly when i bumped into someone.I turned around and luke was there.I turned around and waved luke blushed and said,"Go get your meal!"i frowned and said,"Mcdonalds,oh i dont eat that its not good to me I think ill make something speacil!"i smile and said,"Michael likes papdums we can see if an indian restraunt serves them togo!"I smiled and said,"we should make them that would be even more speacil!"I climbed out the window and me and luke walked to the store and we got the ingrediants and i asked luke,"Hey I know you might not like this but we are hitting my sisters house!I need you to be my fake boyfriend please!"he nodded.

lukes pov

She is basicly asking me to be her boyfriend for 20-30 minutes.I hope she sees what she has been missing when shes with me!

lily pov

I jogged my way up the front steps to my Godsisters house.I knocked my friend opened the door and said,"Hey lily whats up?"I asked,"Me and my boyfriend are needing to cook some indian food for my umm?","my friend her ex."i nodded and said,"yeah!You remeber Luke from 5 seconds of summer!"she nodded starring blankfuly in his light blue eyes.I walked inside holding lukes soft hands and walmed in the kitchen.

*skip making it*

when we were done I went in our youtube room and grabbed a green box and rainbow ribbon.I put the papadums in the box and tied the ribbon on like a present and made a bow at the top.I walked into the living room and Luke was kissing ivyonna.I smiled,"so much for a fake boyfriend luke!"i chuckled.Luke stood up real quick and said"uhh lily its not what you think?"I chuckled and said,"Ill leave you to hear I have to deliver these to my real boyfriend Michael!"Ivyonna ran to me and said,"Im so happy for you that your datting your favirote person since like 5th grade I froze as Luke starred at me confused and hurt.I smiled and ran home.When i got there Michael was looking for me.I smiled and said,"here i am i made these for you!"i gave him the box.He opened it and his eyes widdened and he put the box down and grabbed me and put me in the air and kissed me.Then i said,"We have a meeting today remeber?"Micheal smiled and said,"Me and Cal are taking youtheir right now!"Calum walked down and said,"Lets go!"we walked to the van and left to the place today was the day it would actually be 5 seconds of summer.

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