the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


8. our room and the rest of the nite

our room went from boy to girl in 30 minutes!They starred and we just laughed!Michael said you girls are fast and we said,"yes we are"!The walls were covered in posters and the room was full of diys from mylifeaseva's videos and their was a cute bed set and everything.Then Luke broke the silence and stares by saying,"are you guys hungry i am are you?"I was a little hungry so i said,"sure am whats for dinner?"Me and my girls walk after luke who was heading toward the kitchen area!Michael,Calum,and ashton stayed in our room and Calum said,"whats up Mickey you never give up food?"Michael looked up at calum and said,"she is so perfect i dont want to let her out of my site!"For dinner that night we had spagetti and meatballs.Lets just say nothing horrible happened exept that the house was full of spagettii that messy night!We went into war after my meatball slipped of my plate and hit Calum in the face!So we had to take 2 showers us girls and redo are hair in ponytails and get ready for movies and a good night sleep!We ended up watching a horror movie my pick!We watched anabell?but it ended up us girls wrapped in the boys arms!Then we said goodnight and us girls went to sleep the boys stayed up a light bit later and doing only god knows what?

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