the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


19. night changes

When i got back to the couch.My phone blew up with social media texts from people in the 5sos fam saying they wanted to hurt me.So i excused my self from the group and went to a corner in mickey's room and stared I finally decided we are going to the store.I walked out and said,"we are going to the store get clothes on."So they went and got their clothes on and then we got in the van and went to walgreen's.I ran to thephoto thing and printed out all my pictures.Then i we went to the park and i threw my perfect phone in the pond and i sat on the bench.Then i said,"Bye old memories."and then i started to cry.Michael came up and gave me a hug and said,"They started have they!"I looked up confused and calum said,"They started saying that they would hurt you didn't they?"i nodded and said,"yess!"Luke ran to the van and said,"nothing pizza and movies don't solve so we ran to the van and went home to watch the lego movie and we sang all the songs and calum mouthed all of the parts.Then i said,"Baby when are you going to be closer to florida next?"Michael said we ordered are next concert there to get you back and you can say bye and come live with us we want you to join the band remeber."i nodded and kissed him and said,"I love you!"Then when the movie was done we went to sleep.Michael nodded and said,"come you can sleep in my bed"so we went to bed and the next morning we woke up early and got ready for the trip exept we stopped in an unsual stop at petco.All the boy's but Ashton was excited and i looked at him and said,"I'm not buying a cat im getting mine a present a good bye one."and he nodded we got out and ashton stayed.We came out with a whole party in our cart and i said,"told u!"then we got to the airport and we got on the plane and left.

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