the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


9. morning

When i woke up the next morning expecting that to be a dream i got up and looked around in the room i was in and it wasn't a dream it was reality!So i just laughed quietly to myself i woke up the girls and said,"wake up we have to get ready the boys should be up soon!"So they got there stuff ready we would get ready make breakfest and wait for the boys to wake up maybe clean a little!When we were done we started to walk out the bathroom only to find the boys past out on the couch!I told lindsey and Ibeth,"Lindsey you clean the kitchen,and Ibeth you clean the living room with out waking the boys and i clean the rest ok.So we started to clean and when i was done with the bathroom i went to shut the door and i bumped into someone and,"good morning angel!"you could tell it was Michael,i turned around to Michael smiling at me it looked like he just woke up.He said,"you guys didnt have to clean the house up!"and i just blushed and said,"it looks better this way,did you get breakfest?","yes i did thank you for asking i guess?"We woke up the others had breakfest and got ready to leave to the next concert in las vegas.

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