the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


32. michaels mom😱👩

lily pov

Michaels mom is so nice and she is going on a date with us yeaaahhhhh."No I would be to much of a bother.""No you can come I would love to know you more!""Fine i'll come!""Yessss"I scream as I pull her into a hug"Baby your just like Michae I hope you never leave him!If you do he might start cutting again!?"he used to cut?Calum comes and says"Ummm its time to go Lily can I take you to the van and sit by you.""Sure you can!"

Michaels mom

He hasn't told her that he cut before she came?Calum just took her away it's only me and Mickey."Michael over dinner you'll have to tell her or else!"I look at Lily laughing at Ashtons joke.She is so perfect for Michael."Mom,What if she cheats on me or worse she might break up with me and continue her carrer and make me look bad?"he thinks she'll do that.Calum kissed her an she ran.She is to fragile."She wouldn't do that she'll just support you she is the reason you stopped cutting right?"he nods at me.We walk out and I get in my car and drive to my hotel and get ready for dinner.

lily pov

So many thoughts are going through my head.Michael used to cut?Did he stop because of me?Am I his reason to everything?Well I better get ready for dinner."Luke,Cal,Ash ummm My homies Cynthia and Ittzy are coming they aren't like Ibeth or Lindsey so please dont be rude Cal."I hear laughing as I walk out the room.I walk down the stairs and I look over and Cal was palying fifa with Michael.Luke and Ash were outside in the pool.Then the doorbell rings I jog toward the door and I open it."Lilllllyyyy i've missed you so much gosh It's been what 2 years!"Ittzy yells I say "Can you go straight to my room please!"They run to my room with out even noticing the boys.I rub after them."Where are you going on this date?"I look at them confused.I open the door"Michhhhaaaeeeeeelllll where are we going on our date?"their was silence"ummm to an expensive restraunt!"yeahhhh I get to dress fancy.

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