the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


39. intro

Bare with me know this is my first movella.Thismovellaisabout luke,calum,micheal,and ashton.Also my besties and me will appear and be in the story too.Hope you love it and im fixing mistakes and re wites at the moment fast writting (I wrote this is like 4th grade so my lil hoe ass didn't know shit sorry for this cringe)

Today me and my besties ,lindsey and ibeth,were going to a 5sos concert we were all excited.I was just leaving work to go pick them up.When i got to lindsey's house ibeth was there.We got ready we put on black jeans with holes and the bands tees.Sunglasses and are hair straightened and put up.We looked like models.Lindsey had her cute phone case of 5sos on and grabbed my green day one.We stoped at the gas station and a really cool looking van pulled in right as we pulled out. Then someone in the van waved at us.Lindsey saw and said "Rape!!".We laughed and drove off fast windows down and music blastin.Then the car stoped in the middle of no where.All of a sudden we all screamed we had no cell recption.Then ......

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