the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


18. im coming back

"Michael it was fun and all being with you,your not the problem isn't you its my friends i dont appreciate my friend's getting dumped and then their boyfriend up and kiss me in front of my boyfriend!",Michael realized i was mad and he chuckled and said,"Calum just really wanted to know how it felt to be in love with you.He likes you a lot he wanted be with you but you just weren't interested in him so he just went for it a passinote kiss when you rejected him he was confused so he just stood their stunned by your move."i started to say something and i hung up.Edward looked at me an i said,"Stop the car now!"He stoped i said,"take care of my friends don't let them come back for me."i slamwd the door and called a cab.They came and took me to a few houses down from The boy's.I walked up and knocked on the door.Then Michael came to the door he opened it and said,"you have all the pizza's right."Then he looked at me and shouted,"Lily you came back,Omg i thought i lost you forever please don't ever do that again!"as he picked me up in the air and twirled me around i laughed and said,"how could i ever leave that cute face of yours baby!"he put me down and i smiled you really want me to join the band?"then he said,"baby i wish i could but we would have to take you to places i would have to take you here so we will do that first thing tommrow i walked in to see the boy's eating junk food so i took ash's popcorn and sat on the couch eating it with Michael and Luke came an said,"Thanks for joining us!"then i nodded as i had food in my mouth.Ashton came over and said,"I knew you'd come back!"Then Calum came all depressed from the bathroom and saw me and frowned and i whispered to Michael and he nodded.So i went over to Calum and gave him a kiss.He stood there a stunned by the moment and i smiled and walked back to the couch.

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