the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


15. fun

Wen we got to our aparment Michael layed me on his bed in his room and my stuff by the door.He kissed my cheeck and said,"wake up and join the fun please."I was wondering right after he clicked the door shut fun,he hasn't seen my fun side now has he. At that moment i slowly woke up.I got up put on my holed skinny jeans and a cute shirt from Michael's closet.Then took a hat put my hoop earings on and did my make-up on.I walked out the room my heel boots clickening against the wooden floor.I walked out and said,"Get your butts off that ugly couch get dressed we going somewhere....."Everyone looked at me and looked confused."What i say i didn't studer did i go now!"My friends ran and got ready the boy's slowley got up to get ready stunned from what just happened.Then a little bit later i felt a persence i looked up from my phone and it was Calum he had his sunglasses on and he looked great I just couldn't help but stare then he came close and said,"Where are we going that you got all dressed up for?Am i not dressed properly?".I shook my head and yelled,"Hey im going to the van meet me in their!"I took off toward the van and told the driver that i would drive i showed him my license for some weird reason and he got off got in his car and drove off and i got in and started texting my ex that be there in a bit.Then i heard a click and the door had opened and they climbed in and Michael got front seat.He closed in on me and gave me a kiss.Then the whole back seats where full of,"oowwws"and"ahhhhs".So I took off and we headed toward my friends house and I finally stoped at a big house and I said,"here!"and my friends said,"aren't you and Michael dating though?"I nodded and said,"we are only visting and we are going to do something fun!"I got out and a boy walked out the big house.My ex looked better than usaual he had his hair perfect skinny jeans and a shirt similar to one of calum's.he had a snap back hat on and jordans.He walked up to me and hugged me.Then when he backed up,Michael walked up and took my hand and kissed me.When he let go off my lip I said do you have them ready.My ex Edward walked off and said,"Follow me guy's and we walked right behind him.When we got to the back yard me and Edward grabbed a shopping cart and pushed it to the front yard and on to the road.Then i started,"Mickey,Cal,Ask,luke,Eb,Ed,Lindz we are going to ride down this hill in the carts together it will be tots safe and fun. Michael screamed,"What that sounds totally fun i call first dibs with lily!"I blushed and said,"ok".Michael got in and Ash picked me up and helped me in.Then Calum got in the next one and once again Ash helped Lindsey in.Next Luke got in and Ashton helped Ibeth in and then he got in the next one and luckily i had the great idea and called Ash's girlfriend Bryanna ansd she ran up to Ash and Ashton got all blushing and smiling she got in and Edward pushed us fown and we raced down the hill and we ended up almost killing each other so we just went to a movie after instead.Edward called up his girlfriend and we all got in and took off after the movie and we went to a big park at sunset.

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