the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


25. friends✌️

Later i got a call from rick.,"Hello?","lily hey sorry but you cant join the band but you can become a solo artist and perform at concerts in the ame cities with the boys at different times so you guys an be together!","oh ok ill do it!","well stop by tommrow and tou can do it bye!","bye"

I jumped and down and smiled.Calum came in the room."Hey lily what are you so happy bout!"i smirked ,"wait till tommrow.he looked confused and walked out the room.


Zayns pov

Me and the boys stoped by lilys place."Hey Zayn,Harry,Liam,Niall,Louis!"she waved and invited us in.She told us about what happened and not to tell the others.So we promised."LILY WHOS ALL HERE!","MY FRIENDS YOU KNOW ONE DIRECTION COME DOWN AND SAY HI AFTER ALL THEIR THE REASON WE WOULD MEET RIGHT!"then a bit later Michael came down.Then louis said,"Lily we need to give you something!"she smiled and said,"ok"then we all gave her a present.She opened them and then started screaming and hugged us and when she got to mine she hugged me and put it on.It was a necklace that had her name on it and in graved on it was -Lily always rember us,Zayn,Niall,Louis,Liam,Harry-she smiled and Michael gave her a kiss.I was devistated.


I never noticed how zayn seemed to kind of have a crush on me.I liked it but I was with Michael and i liked that alot. I hope he dosent do anything stupid or i will never forgive myself like ever.

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