the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


28. forgave😱

she had tried to kill me just for hom when we were in 6th grade she literally put drugs in my milk!"this was trye luckily the teacher took my tray because i was mixing my foods for the boys to eat.Then my friend told me about it so we got along."Lily you knew I liked you?""Yes its pretty obvious!"i smirked as he chuckled then the rest of the boys came in as Ashley wasn't there.I smiled as Calum ran to me.I got up and slapped him."hey!"I gave him a look that said for reals.He walked away and Michael came,"Baby I'm so sorry she said she wouldn't hurt you if i made out with her so I did.Then when you saw me nod I was nodding at Calum across the street.

Michaels pov

She tricked me into hurting the love of my life how can I forgive myself.She is probally going out with Zain now so I'm so screwed.She smiled and said,"Baby a few I forgive you!"she smiled I gave her a kiss.The doctor came in."Hey are you famous all these boy bands around you and then you made out with one!"I smile and nod.She smiles"you can go home your clothes are in the closet and boys give her privacy!"She smirks as I giggle Michael pecks my lips and I wave as the nurse shuts the door behind her self.

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