the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


20. florida

When i got on the plane i started to draw a anime of Michael but right when i was done i took a break and ended up falling asleep.All of a sudden i felt a warm hand rub my shoulder it was Calums it was time to get off the plane I forgot about the picture so i left it there Calum looked at the spit whwre i was sleeping and frowned at the picture of michael and took it and shooved it in his pocket.We walked out and into another van so i told thedriver take me to 555 w orlando st.He took us their i hopped out and the boy's got welcomed to a small mansion and i walked in it was my parents but when they died it was in my name so i got it an the boy's were impressed.I showed them to their room's that were beautifully decorated.Michael looked confused when i said,"his room wasn't mine so he asked,"where's your room?" i showed him and he put his stuff in my room and said,"thinks for the room i wanted to share with the bae."I laughed and walked down stairs and said,"Ashton your going to want to stay out of my room ok!"he nodded and said,"i will?"then a loud awwwee luke cal come.Luke and calum sighed as they jogged up the stairs and then,"lily you have to come up here right know."i mutterterd under my breath and said,"They found them already really!"I looked at ash and he wasn't there so I screamed ash no they found my cats.Ash was just sitting on the couch and i sighed and said,"never mind"I ran up the stairs and Michael was fast asleep on my bed with my smallest cat"mouse"laying on the pillow by his head and calum and luke laying on the floor sleeping with my 1 other at in between them.I laughed and turned the lights off and went to watch batman with ashton.

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