the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


21. explaination

When I heard a quiet knock on the door I went to the door trying not to wake up the boy's upstairs and Ashton.I opened the door to Lindsey and Ibeth and they were like where did you go and how did you get back.I walked out and closed the door behind me and said,"Hey guy's can you wait here for a minute!"They nodded and I slammed the door behind me and woke up the boys and i said,"Ash,Luke,Calum hide Michael bring Mouse and your butt diwn here now!"Michael came racing down the stairs with mouse clinging on him for life.Then i opened the door and I blurted out and said,"I just wante to keep Michael a little bit longer!"they smiled and hugged me and said,"Are the other's here!"I looked confused and Michael stupidly but smart-ass said,"Actualky yes why?"The girls bursted in and said,"guys".They were desperate and then they turned to me and said,"we messed up we know that Cal and Luke were just using us from the start it was just to good for me to nit belive in it so we palyed Along and we want it back badley!"Calum sighed and went back upstairs.

calum pov

I went up stairs for a reason.Lindsey isn't my type thats why inever really kissed her and Luke never liked Ibeth too but we just wanted to get close to Lily her perfect hazel eyes reflect the light and it's like your about to explode in her arm's.So I thats why I kissed her,I just wanted to feel what mickey felt."Hey mate you all right!",I turned around tears that I was holding back and managed to make words come puring out."No mate,I don't really like Lindsey she is so clingy in the worst way abd she whins alot.".Luke smiled,"the same about Ibeth mate".We climbed out a window and went to a near mcdonalds.

Lily pov

"Well they just had a big fight with Michael and pushed him in the pool with me thats why were all wet",the girls ran out the doorand I laughed and yelled,"Cal,Lukers they're gone!"When no one responded i walked up the stairs the hall way window was wide open and a note saying,"Hey lily we went to mcdonalds we'll bring you guys something see ya later!"It looked like attempted to draw a kissing lips.Michael seemed to be angry his fist folded up and I turned around and kissed him and he let go and he deepened the kiss and when I let go he said,"Bae,I love you when i get angry your kisses and hand feels like the weight was lifted from my whole life!"and i blushed and i said,"Mickey I love you because your always there for me in unstable times."Then what I thought was mickey said,"Bae,you also make me feel like i'm always welcomed no matter what!"I blushed and looked up and Michael was surprised and we looked back and Calum was their and he said,"Hey I was feeling left out!"we laughed and walked downstairs.

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