the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


33. date💏👫

"Well lily your wearing this!"I go upstairs and there is a cute outfit in my bathroom and all the make up I need.The dress is a black breast top and a pink skin tight bottom.I did a natural lookin make-up and I had my black pumps and I decided to die my hair black and put pink highlights in it.I walk out the bathroom and my friends were checking their status then "OMFG Lily you didn't say 5sos was staying at your place?!"I blush and say,"Michael is my boyfriend!"the girls run to me and say"Lily your dream came true!?"I blush at that,"Lily?"The door opens I look at Michael suprise and smile,"I was your dream?"I blush and say,"Yess i use to draw pictures of you guys and you were all I would talk about but now I dont need to because my dream came true because of Lindsey!"he smiles and comes over and joins the group hug."Get ready Michael yalls date starts in 20 minutes."the girls yell.Michael runs out into Ashs room 10 min later he came out in a tux it matched my dress and he dyed his hair pink.We were down stairs outside talking."Baby its time to leave!"I smile and look behind me.Then Calum rushed out the house in a tux too."Cal is going too hope you dont mind!" I smile and say"I dont mind"we walk to the car.Michael opened the door for me I smiled and said,"Thanks baby"I peck his lips as i get in."Third wheeling hard"I look back at Calum he took a photo of me and Michael and was posting it on twitter."Calum!"I sya turning trying to grab his hand.He giggles like a little girl."And post!"he posted it I turn back around a huff."Classic mate!"Michael got in the car and started it up.I gently give michael a push."Your so funny!Michael"I say as I give him a sarcastic smile.The boys laugh.I plug in the aux cord and next thing you know Jack and Jack is blasting through the speakers as we make are way to the restraunt.We get there Calum opens my door I get out."Thanks Cal!"We walk in and sit in a reserved table for us.The restraunt was an indian one.On the table was an appitizer it was PAPADUMS!"Try one lily"I look at the papadums and I grab one.I take a little peice of and I eat it."WOW these are amazing!!"Michael smiles."Am I interupting something?"I look up and Michaels mom was their."No not at all have a seat!"I get up and pull the chair out."Hun you didnt have to do that!"I smile and say"Its alright after all I think of you as family now!"she smiles.I sit back down."We already ordered so our food will be here soon"I nod."Lily tell me some things about you!".,,"Umm well I am now a solo artist!I play viola I am all about muisc.I am a youtuber.I really dont know my life was boring till I met Michael.".."You forgot that you used to be huge fangirl over us!"Calum smirks at me."What Calum!?"he laughs and pulls out of his pocket the anime of Michael I drew on the plane.On it was my signature and "I love you!"I blushed and looked down."Wow lily thats amazing!""I love you too!"I blush even harder and say"Yeah right that looks horrible how could you love that!?"Michael grabs my hand "baby thats amazing dont you dare say it isnt!"I smile"Thanks!"Well our food came and Michaels mom said"Michael tell her!"I look up and everyone is starring at me."Uhh....Lily?"I look at Michael."Dont leave me or hate me because of this ok?"I nod and say,"I would never leave you michael..Ever!"he sighs and says."Before I met you I would cut my wrists because I thought no body loved me.People would call me ugly fat a total retard!"by time he said that I was already weelin up with tears."Baby if only you would had told me!"He looks up"I stopped beacuse of you!You made my life a mircal worth living for!"I smile when he says that."Well you finally got that off your chest now lets eat!"Calum almost shouts.Later before we leave Michael says his mom will drop him off.I hug him and give his a kiss.When I pull away he says bye and me and Calum walk to the car.

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