the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


4. backstage

We soon arived and Micheal started toward the back door we went toward the front.Luke suddenly yelled,"Hey aren't you coming?"we looked back suprised!Ibeth said,"we are fans we go in this way like the rest?!"Micheal said,"Your not orrdinary fans though we want you to be our guest on stage with us and come with us after all you dont have a car!".Micheal was true we didnt have a car and they said we could stick with them!We ran to them and hugged them and said,"thanks for everything!".We walked in and micheal quickly said,"Lucy are girl friends need to be dressed properly for the show!"Then a girl wearing fancy things like a mc came she looked stressed!She then just said,"You have girlfriends already!?"Micheal looked confused and said,"we met them on the road their car broke down and we are giving them a ride and a place to stay and stuff like that,wait they are our friend that are girls for now!"and our eyes widdened!Micheal laughed and said,"only joking girls!".Lucy took us to a dressing room and picked out cute outfits we put them on and she did our hair perfect and we looked like models!

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