the crazy ones

it might be long but i love it lol


34. baby never🙊🙀😴😰

We run to the car as the paparazi start comin up to us we speed off.I took a little nap in the car before we got to the house.Then I woke up when we stoped.I look over and we were in the middle of a garage.I dont have a garage?"Calum were are we?"I look over.Calum isn't there.I start freaking out.I get out the car.I check my phone and I have no reception.Great!"Your awake baby girl?"I look to were the voice was coming from."Edward?"he smiles"Yes!"I start backing up slowly.Then I trip and fall on my butt.I look up and Edward was there."You should have listen and stayed with me!""You were the reason I am the way I am shy and never want anyone to close unless I want them to be and I cry when people scream or lift their hands up when there mad!"I scream in his face.Then he falls I look up and Calum was there he hit him on the head with a pipe."He stole the car from me and kidnaped you!"I smile and give him a hug."Is that true Lily?"I nod and he walks to the car.We get in and drive away we get back to the house."Lily are you alright?Calum called and he told me I thought you left me for Calum and I I I"he starts to studder."What?""Nevermind.."I kiss him and grab his hand and we walk inside.Inside we sat on my bed our hands still connected.I turned his wrist over and moved the bracelets their were fresh cuts.I started to tear up."Michael why did you cut your wrist?You knew I would come back and I would never cheat on you espescialy with your bestfriend!Michael I love you and that will never change!"He looked at me and started to cry"I thought you would be like my last girlfriend!""Michael she was a fat slut(no offense to his last girlfriend she was really pretty)""Thanks baby!"He countinued to cry into my hair and we fell asleep laying on my bed.

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