Lucas Hemmings AKA Hemmo

Falling for Lucas Robert Hemmings


5. ..

Ellie's - hey boy are you single? Sorry it's random aha!

Luke- hey girl it's cool man! And yes I am single why? And what's your name?

Ellie- sweet! Erm I have a friend who's looking for someone and she told me her dream man and everything she said you have! And she's just split up with her ex as he cheated on her with a family member ! Sick I know! But she don't want to talk about it that's why I'm telling you but please don't talk about it? And you seem like a sweet caring young man who would look after a girl! Oh sorry my names Ellie and my friends name is Bethany Beth for short! And yours?

Luke- Well nice to meet you Ellie! I'm Lucas Luke for short! Aw no that's horrible but I know the feeling but with my friend! And her dream boy? And I would and thankyou to say we have just met and you think that off me thank you!

Ellie- well nice to meet you to Luke! Oh I'm so sorry! Yeah blue eyes blonde hair tall lip ring! Yano hey no problem you look so sweet and that you couldn't hurt my bestfriend! But one question?

Luke- ohh well I am kinda hot haha! And what's that?

Ellie- that you gotta love PENGUINS!

Luke- hell yeah I love penguins why you think I'm here whenever I'm sad I come here and just watch the penguins!

Ellie- wow you pair are perfect for each other wanna come say hi?

Luke- we are! Yeah okay I'm I little shy but okay!

Ellie- aha you pair will get on like a house on fire then! Let's go..

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