Lucas Hemmings AKA Hemmo

Falling for Lucas Robert Hemmings


2. The Zoo!

We arrive at the zoo after an hour in the car man that took like forever haha we pay for parking and go get food and a drink before we go and see the animals.

Ellie's pov- Beth what do you want? To eat and drink?

Beth's pov- I'll have a salad pot and a bottle of water please.

Ellie's pov- hi can I have a salad pot please and a bottle of water and a mocha coffee and a bacon cob please.

Cafe person- that's 7:58$ please I'll bring them over to you.

Ellie's pov- okay thanks we stilling outside.

Beth's pov-

Aghhhhh I can't get that image out of my head I just wanna rewind time so I didn't have to walk into that never in my life have I ever felt so sick to my stomach ever!

Beth, beth, beth, BETHANY!

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