Lucas Hemmings AKA Hemmo

Falling for Lucas Robert Hemmings


3. Meeting You!

Beth's pov-

Beth, beth, beth, BETHANY! Was all I heard Ellie say I was in a world of my own just thinking over and over what I saw my own sister and my ex doing in my bed!!

Ellie's pov-

Beth you okay do you want to go back to mine?

Beth's pov- no I'm good we are here now and I wanna see the penguins they cheer me up.

Ellie pov- okay as long as you sure? Okay let's get you to the penguins yeah?

Beth- yeah let's go!

Walking to the penguins- so you wanna go out tonight and let I some steam?

Yeah I do I need to stop thinking about what's happened and the best way is to get wasted man!

Haha that's my girl we are going to be wasted! You know what I'm going to find you a better man to love you and look after you the right way! No more dickheads from now on got it!

Yeah yeah I got it no more dickheads! You know my dream boy is tall blonde blue eyes lip ring! Yeah I'm going to find my dream man! But he's gotta love penguins! Haha

Wow now that's a dream man beth you sure you going to find him here in auz?

Yeah he's out there somewhere girl!

Ellie's pov- As we got to the penguin pen I saw I youngish lad stood there on his own must be 18/19 he's tall blonde blue eyes lip ring just what Beth said has here dream boy! Mmm maybe I should go over and ask if he's with anyone? Yeah I'll do that... Hey beth?

Beth- yeah what's up girl?

Ellie- I'll be back in a min need to go to the toilet okay?

Beth- yeah okay I'll be here just looking at the penguins!

Ellie- okay be back in a min babe!

Beth's pov- okay Ellie is acting strange we never use public toilets they are just eww! I was watching the penguins swim around and eat the fish they was given as it was feeding time and all I wanted to do was cry I couldn't I mean why should I! I haven't done anything wrong he's the one In the wrong not me! Aghhhh Beth just forget him and move on! Right that's it I'm going to find a man who loves me for who I am and not to fuck me over!

Ellie's pov- woooow he looks so perfect standing there damn he's perfect for Beth!

Luke's pov- I was standing alone watching the penguins hey I love penguins they rule! I seen to girls come walking up to the pen and one off them caught my eye she was wearing jogging pants with a jumper with a penguin on the front. Wow she's perfect for me

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